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For the last several months I’ve wondered how Americans ever elected Donald Trump as President.  Here a man who supports an…

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Get Ready for the Hillary Love-Fest

Get Ready for the Hillary Love-Fest

The same liberal media which elected Obama twice cannot do more for him. As his power declines so does theirs.…

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Hey Obama: Just Bumps in the Road? Seriously?

Hey Obama: Just Bumps in the Road? Seriously?

Ashamed to be a Braves Fan

Rebuttal: Reasons Media Hates Romney

Rebuttal: Reasons Media Hates Romney

What Will MSNBC Do If Romney Wins?


Farewell to AARP After Ryan Treatment

I cannot pay a membership to an organization that supports any and all pro-Union, pro-Democrat, stands on all issues with a completely negative bias regarding any conservative views.…

Police Demotion For Facebook Post Unfair

When will people realize that our freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press has been usurped by this administration?…

Bain Roots in Staples’ Sales Tactics?

Reportedly, Staples penalizes the employee if the bargain-priced computer is sold to the customer without “other stuff.” Is this something Romney and Bain Capital promoted?…

NY Times’ Bittman Should Stick to Food

Mark Bittman should stop writing op ed pieces (he is no good at it) and concentrate on improving his food writing. I have not made one of his recipes over the last two years.…


Medicare question

Several months ago, I was admitted to a local hospital. I had been (I thought) an inpatient for 4 days before my doctor scheduled a surgery. Imagine my…

Thanks to USA Today for Showing Medicare Suffering




Middle East

Hard Times Ahead, Support Marines

Romney’s Comments Showing No Character

Obama Incompetent As Commander-In-Chief?


U.S. Voters: Enjoying Cheap Goods Means Lost Jobs

Here’s How Taxes Affect a $100 Bar Tab

Why Demand, Not Business, Creates Jobs


Why Send Money To People Who Hate Us?

Put Heroes, Not Nudity, on Page One

Hey Wisconsin Protesters: Still Support Cairo?