Anti-Nuclear Power Debate is Ridiculous

To The Editor:
From: Lance Winslow

A nuclear power plant in France.
There is nothing wrong with nuclear done right, the author says.

Are Anti-Nuclear Groups in the United States preventing us from making our nation free from the problems associated with importing our energy? Energy independence is very important, who could disagree considering the reality of the World and our massive trade deficits to other nations, many of whom hate us and are plotting against us with rogue elements within their own populations, heck we are practically funding the bad guys lately.

The Anti-Nuclear Group’s nuclear generation concerns are a little disconcerting, but are they really reality based? Seems like a lot of scare tactics and who is funding them, don’t tell me it is foreign nations that sell us oil? Wouldn’t be surprised and for the record let me say that I am 100% pro-Nuclear power.

Nuclear power is clean and the newest technology allows us to use most all of the fuel rods. New materials also allow us to contain the spent fuel rods better. The issues with nuclear waste are significant issues, no one can deny and yet, they are being dealt with in a careful manner in the US. Yes, there have been issues such as Paducah, KY, and Moab, UT.

Still, I find that we have done a fairly good job with nuclear power and our Nuclear Regulatory Committees are sound. Indeed, if the Anti-Nuclear Groups wish to cite issues of nuclear malfeasance in other parts of the world, fine, but that should not be done here.

Now then, I’d call upon France, Pakistan, Russia, China and other nations that are using less than new technologies before I’d claim that the US should not use more nuclear power. And if you really are concerned with weapons grade uranium enrichment and the correlation to nuclear power plants, my gosh, go talk to Iran, which funds Hamas and Hezbollah (terrorist organizations) to the tune of a 100 million dollars a year. A nation that has stated it wants to blow Israel off the map.

There is nothing wrong with Nuclear when done right and in a nation that can be trusted. And the issues of nuclear VS. any other form of energy shows nuclear to be a great source. The anti-nuclear crowd is problematic and misleading in their ascertains, this does a huge injustice to our need for cheap and clean energy. Further, the over regulation in the nuclear industry is insane.

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