Thoughts on Obama – All Wealthy People Should Stop Donating to Nonprofits Immediately

To The Editor
From: Lance Winslow

Why should anyone who makes over $250,000 per year give to charities? After all if we are becoming a socialist country the government is going to take care of “everything” right? Well, that is what socialism does. And the government is going to have a success tax for anyone that works hard and smart, creates jobs and wealth, so they will be paying higher taxes now.

So, folks that earn over $250,000 per year are going to have their money stolen from them to help the common good, then it makes sense that they should stop helping the common good, because now we are a socialist nation so that is the government’s job. So, if you want free stuff or if you want donations for your non-profit, then don’t call me, go call your government, they already took my money.

Why is it that such a wonderful nation with all the freedoms and wealth would allow a government to grow so big that it controls every aspect of life and society? Why is it that the strong people of such a strong nation would vote in a socialist as President, dismissing the fact that our nation is strong and we are strong because this country is founded on capitalism?

What happened to America? Did all the socialists in academia brain wash everyone into this scheme of socialism? It’s pretty unfortunate to see the weakening of our nation and a society that is acting like a mob voting into office a socialist President to go with a liberal court and a socialist Congress and Senate. How is it that our nation in one generation can slowly die from within like an aggressive cancer so easily?

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