Our Demise is Greatly Overstated

By Geoff Ficke As we slog along under the full weight of the current financial calamity, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth about the future of the United States. Many of our countries fiercest enemies and critics are gloating over their perception that our wave has crested and we have entered a period […]

Seven Reasons Why McCain Failed

By Dennis Copson On November 4th, Americans chose their next President with a convincing declaration that they were unhappy with the status quo and wanted dramatic change! They rejected experienced John McCain selecting an untested Barack Obama. There were seven reasons for this: Foremost was the ‘Bush Factor’.¬†However much he disavowed it, McCain was tagged […]

Time for Government to Rethink to Reduce Carbon Emissions

By Luna Mohanty Carbon Offsetting businesses of all types are already starting to feel the impact of the crunch. Consumers are tightening their belts while talks on a post 2012 Kyoto Agreement have stalled undermining investment in carbon offset projects. In Europe the 2020 commitment to reduce carbon emissions by at least 20 pct below […]

Bailout for the New York Times – Not!

By John Harrington Virginia It’s no surprise, and I can’t tell you how gleeful I am, that the New York Times Company owes $453 million more than it has, as reported by Silicon Alley Insider. The supposed best and brightest Ivy League pontificators — who love to tell the rest of us how to run […]

Dianne Wilkerson’s Political Arrogance

To the Editor: Massachusetts state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson’s arrogance and corrupt behavior is certainly not foreign on Beacon Hill, she only brought it to a new level. Wilkerson clearly was comfortable in her role as corrupt politician and not only had a loyal following but also had the governor and mayor in her corner. Politicians […]

Phillies Fans Should Fix This Guy’s Car

To the Editor: It is well known in sports fan circles that Philadelphia fans are the most obnoxious and boorish in the nation, and their behavior after the Phillies won the World Series is no exception. It’s clear the fans are at fault, but it does make me wonder how police seemed unprepared to handle […]

Three Reasons Media Bias Proven in U.S. Election

To The Editor: Well, Friday’s study of 979 news stories by the non-partisan Center for Media and Public Affairs proves what any U.S. political observer knows to be true: The media are highly biased against John McCain. The study showed 65 percent of the stories favor Obama; only 31 percent were favorable of McCain. This […]

Leming’s American Idol Treatment is Wrong

To the Editor: I’m pretty sickened by the way that Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment Group, the makers of American Idol, are treating Josiah Leming. Leave him alone! He’s the sensitive, teary 19-year-old who was one of the top 24 last season, and didn’t make it to the finals. He was living out his car and […]