Leming’s American Idol Treatment is Wrong

To the Editor:
I’m pretty sickened by the way that Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment Group, the makers of American Idol, are treating Josiah Leming. Leave him alone!

Josiah Leming has a lot to be uset about
Josiah Leming has a lot to be uset about

He’s the sensitive, teary 19-year-old who was one of the top 24 last season, and didn’t make it to the finals. He was living out his car and his mother is dying from cancer. I thought he was the most genuine of the singers and now he’s being sued.
All he wants to do is make a CD of songs and have it out there before his mother dies.
Apparently Fuller’s company has locked him up in a contract, even though he didn’t make the finals and they had no interest in having his CD made.
So he did the American thing, forged ahead and made one with Warner Brothers anyway, and good for him!
Hopefully the lawyers won’t bottle this up too long and Leming’s mother will be able to hear his CD before she meets her end.
We’re with you Josiah!
Kriten Duffy

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