Three Reasons Media Bias Proven in U.S. Election

To The Editor:

Well, Friday’s study of 979 news stories by the non-partisan Center for Media and Public Affairs proves what any U.S. political observer knows to be true: The media are highly biased against John McCain. The study showed 65 percent of the stories favor Obama; only 31 percent were favorable of McCain.

Media bias has ruined this election.
Media bias has ruined this election.

This is pretty telling for three reasons:
1) McCain has long courted media approval in his career, but it hasn’t mattered. Shows what sucking up to reporters can get you.
2) I don’t ever hear any of the media pundits refuting the point that Obama is riding a media honeymoon into the White House. The L. A. Times is withholding a controversial video about Obama for example.
3) The study showed the most fair broadcast of the major networks (the study excluded CNN and NBC) was Brit Hume’s Fox broadcasts. Even then, it was not perfectly balanced — 39 percent favorable stories to McCain and 28 percent favorable for Obama.
Is it any surprise that the mainstream media, especially newspapers, are losing their readers and viewers en masse?
Just give it to us straight please!

John Harrington

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