Phillies Fans Should Fix This Guy’s Car

Phillies fans overturned this car after the Worl Series win.
Phillies fans overturned this car after the World Series win.

To the Editor:
It is well known in sports fan circles that Philadelphia fans are the most obnoxious and boorish in the nation, and their behavior after the Phillies won the World Series is no exception.
It’s clear the fans are at fault, but it does make me wonder how police seemed unprepared to handle the riots, with fans tipping over cars.
Why can’t police predict this behavior and come out with an appropriate response after the game?
I feel for the fans who had their cars tipped over; thankfully, one fan may even get a better car out of the deal, since he appealed to fellow fans to chip in to have his car fixed.
And here’s to a one-time champion in the supposed City of Brotherly Love.

Jim Clark

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