Dianne Wilkerson’s Political Arrogance

To the Editor:
Massachusetts state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson’s arrogance and corrupt behavior is certainly not foreign on

FBI photo of what police say is dianne Wilkerson taking a bribe.
FBI photo of what police say is dianne Wilkerson taking a bribe.

Beacon Hill, she only brought it to a new level. Wilkerson clearly was comfortable in her role as corrupt politician and not only had a loyal following but also had the governor and mayor in her corner.
Politicians are all about negotiating and pushing their agendas. Getting results often means making sweet deals, finding loopholes and covering for each other. This is often a gray area and politicians are often masterful at justifying their behavior.
My only concern is how voters are going to vent their justifiable rage. Too many people want to punish politicians by getting rid of the state income tax. Unfortunately, this will only hurt ourselves; not only will schools, infrastructure and safety services be hurt, it will devastate services to the most vulnerable, including services to low income elders and other special needs programs.
I suppose the only upside would be…..if you happen to lose your job as a result of question one, there should be a lot of openings for ethic investigators on Beacon Hill.
Elizabeth McDonald

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