Seven Reasons Why McCain Failed

By Dennis Copson
On November 4th, Americans chose their next President with a convincing declaration that they were unhappy with the status quo and wanted dramatic change! They rejected experienced John McCain selecting an untested Barack Obama.
There were seven reasons for this: Foremost was the ‘Bush Factor’.¬†However much he disavowed it, McCain was tagged as a Bush loyalist by the Democrats and could never quite disassociate himself. Obama’s argument that McCain’s election would be a third George Bush term was one to which the voters could – and did – relate.¬†

Second was McCain’s irascible personality. He appeared ‘the grouchy old man’ to many Americans tired of partisan bickering in our nation’s capital. “That one!” offered a calming alternative while at times suggesting – quite effectively – that McCain was unstable; voters went for it.

Third was McCain’s disorganized approach to campaigning. David Brooks, New York Times columnist, referred to this as McCain failing to establish a central argument and framework for his being the better choice for President.

Fourth was his pick of Sarah Palin. If his intent was to capture disaffected Hillary Clinton women supporters, there were many other Republican women infinitely more competent and better known whose selection would have made far more sense. It was a foolhardy gesture at best. Voters could not accept her as being a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

Fifth was the ‘let’s make history’ aspect of this election where it was noted so many times in so many venues that we had never elected a black person to our highest office, nor a woman. A considerable number of voters were convinced that their vote should go to Barack to correct past injustices, right or wrong – the aptly named ‘guilt voter’ pulling the lever for history rather than qualifications.

Sixth, McCain should have known that age would be a major consideration in the election. He should have known that this was not his time. His time had passed in 2000; it was not now when he was running in a completely different era, under completely different circumstances, against a completely different opponent.

Seventh was the press bias so apparent in this election cycle. The mainstream media overwhelmingly lacked objectivity in assessing the two candidates and – at times so gleefully and so unprofessionally that it was distracting – developed a love-fest relationship with Obama.

Americans should be very troubled when the fourth estate, inherently responsible for conveying political news fairly and with at the very least a modicum of objectivity, takes obvious sides so blatantly in an election. That should never happen, but it did.

We will officially swear in our new President in January. He will have a challenging term in office as these are dangerous and uncertain times. We now must all unite behind him, support him where we can, and differ where we must.

We have spoken and the results have been tallied. We must now live with our vote.

May God bless America!
Major Dennis Copson is a retired Marine living in Oceanside, CA where he is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Go Green Aid Company and Nature’s Big Bud Worm Castings. He is also a freelance writer available for assignment. More info is available on his websites at and

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