We Need to Support the Concept of Small Business Again to Change the Economy

By Arnold Nadler

I was under the impression we lived in a democratic capitalistic society, which encouraged and supported ambitious people to go after their dreams, where only the strong survive in a business arena?
There are still intelligent individuals out there with that burning desire to succeed, and willing to take the risks required to make their ideas a reality. New entrepreneurs are the ones willing to work countless hours, roll up their sleeves doing the dirty jobs if necessary. Perhaps the heads of these large corporations looking for bailouts forgot that basic principal, which is most likely the very reason for their companies’ poor performance.
There should be a contractual clause saying in order for these bigwigs to get their bailout money; they should be required to work on the floor for 6 months as laborers low person on the totem pole. Learning once again what a hard physical day’s work is about? In that time frame no fancy clubs, no private planes, no big offices, just pure meat and potatoes basic work principals.
These North American auto executives have fallen asleep at the wheel, or are resting on their laurels. Foreign carmakers have had a better pulse on technological auto trends, with a focus on lower fuel usage per gallon for decades. It would seem more people are buying foreign automobiles anyways, why put good money into bad bailing out a losing cause.

From my viewpoint take some of those billions of bailout dollars allocate them to people like auto works for retraining in other industries. The balance of the money being used for new entrepreneurs, with a solid business plans, who require startup capital in order to employee those out of work employees afterwards. Bailing out these companies seems like nonsense to me.
It is as though they were not given the opportunities to change their business practices in the past, but chose to virtually sit back and bleed their companies dry, not offering a life raft to any of their drowning laid off employees. We have allowed the foreign car market to over take our North American industry, time to switch gears get back to basics. Either make the import taxes so high people can not afford those cars, therefore having no alternative but to buy locally made automobiles, or move on to greener pastures.

If people such as Benjamin Franklin, Ben & Jerry, Bill Gates were never given a chance to excel, the world would not be what it is today. We are actually doing a disservice to ourselves because a few of these new entrepreneurs could make a positive change in our way of living, just like the fellows I mentioned above. Instead we are shelling out money to people with no vision, providing themselves luxurious lifestyles on our tax dollar backs.

This whole big business franchise box store life we live is very convenient, but limiting our growth as a nation, and in my opinion a few steps away from communism. Everyone eats the same places, shops at the same places, stands in line at the same places, and in doing so squishes out the chances of a new entrepreneur being successful providing maybe better service, North American made products and better job security with growth potential for employees.
Does anyone out there remember the days of a person could start in a low end job position and move up to become upper management, or even the president of the company? Working for established large corporate stores at minimum wage or just above with no future is not a way for national prosperity. The only thing these type jobs have provided is an economic debt for their workers who are not earning enough to survive.

As the title of this article implies “We need to support the concept of small business again to change the economy”, because in way of thinking without those new entrepreneurs we might as well throw in our own proverbial economical prosperity towels.

Arnold Nadler has been an entreprenuer for over the last 25 yrs, and enjoys writing articles that inspire thought and change.

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