Barack Obama and Racism

To the Editor: The Barack Obama racism issue in America is one that threatens to tear this nation’s core values apart. Whether you are a red or blue state follower is less important than the values that we bring to our children and our children’s children. If any one “race” has “claim” to the U.S., […]

Should You Read Good News?

To the Editor: These days, we are bombarded with bad news by the mainstream media. We can scarcely open a newspaper or turn on the TV without being faced with the latest “scare-story” about swine flu, or another bank failure, or another trillion-dollars added to the national budget’s deficit. Reports giving dire warning of bad […]

The Help John Conyers Read The Damn Bill Act of 2009

To the Editor: Democrat Representative John Conyers, husband of the corrupt and convicted former Detroit councilwoman Monica Conyers, has actually said something that makes sense. It is a rare moment indeed for the often bumbling Congressman who I suspect on more than one occasion has had trouble dressing himself because someone wrote “left” on his […]

Kennedy – A Man With 10,000 Best Friends

To the Editor: During the funeral services this past weekend in Boston for the late Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, a political reporter for the local ABC affiliate in Boston, John Keller, made a very interesting observation concerning the general knowledge of the life of the late elder statesman. Mr. Keller had spent the last […]

Immortal Humans Just 20 Years Away!

To the Editor: The renowned American scientist, Ray Kurzweil, claims human beings could become immortal as early as the year 2029! He says advancements in nanotechnology and a detailed and increased understanding of the working of a human body could enable human beings to become immortal. He says humans could be replacing their vital organs […]

How to Fight the New World Order

To The Editor: What is the New World Order and why is there so much controversy surrounding it? Some people have never heard of the New World Order and just give a blank stare when asked about it. Others feel dread and extreme anxiety at hearing the phrase. Still others scoff at the New World […]

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