Van Jones Resigns

Obama adviser resigns in the middle of controversy.


President Obama’s political adviser Van Jones has recently tendered his resignation through an e-mail to answer the Republicans’ call to step down from office. Jones have been urged by many politicians (Republicans) to resign after it was found out that he signed a letter in 2004 that suggests the former President George W. Bush’s involvement in the September 11, 2001 attacks.


It was said that former President Bush might have allowed that attacks to be able to use them as a pretext to war. The Republicans’ call for Jones’ resignation was also due to his allegedly derogatory comments about the Republicans prior to joining Obama’s administration. Republicans said that Jones’ statements were inappropriate.


Reports also state that Jones is one of those appointed special advisers in the Obama administration who did not undergo a traditional verification and screening process. Appointments of administration officials are supposed to be confirmed by the Senate.


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In 2004, Van Jones signed a petition which supported the conspiracy theories for the 9/11 attacks. That 2004 petition was said to be asking for investigations and congressional hearings to identity high-ranking government officials allowed to the attacks to happen as a pretext to war.


Many U.S. citizens believed that US leaders had prior knowledge regarding the 9/11 attacks and failed to act. They said that the Bush’s administration had deliberately allowed that attacks to happen.


Do you believe that the former President George W. Bush’s administration intently allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur?


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