Will Obama Peside Over Disintegration of USA?

To The Editor:

He was brushed off as a crank when he made the claim but as far back as 1998 Dr. Igor Panarin forecast the inevitable disintegration of the USA. He preceeds by ten years what has become commonplace today — a scene of US decline where free-market financial and industrial legends like Citibank and General Motors swallow their pride to absorb billions of dollars in bailouts from the taxpayer.

Dr. Panarin, a professor at Russia’s Foreign Service academy, resolved to set down his concepts this year (2009) in a book with the strident title, “Ruin of the Dollar and Disintegration of the USA.” Dr. Panarin says in an interview, “Today I have more arguments (post-1998) to show that the ruin of the dollar is practically irreversible. Japan’s recent electoral choice was for the Opposition and a key feature of the new economic program is a proclamation of an end to using the dollar as a reserve currency and the shift of Japan’s savings to other currencies.” In previous decades it had been possible to pass on annual US bills for imports to the world by encouraging China, Japan and other nations to invest their revenue in dollar securities such as US Treasury bills.

Panarin brings forward a new statistic, “In this year of deepening crisis, sales of firearms increased 40 percent in the USA and the issue is to keep from the start of chaos.”

As if in echo of what Panarin indicates, August news reports indicated the start of a new trend. US citizens are asserting their right under the US Constitution to bear arms and demonstrated with rifles slung on shoulder outside a town meeting by President Obama. While the demonstrators have also been put down as right-wing provocateurs, the bloom of the dollar (through the last agreement that banks will use government handouts to stimulate business instead of stashing funds away) will soon fade.

Dr. Panarin claims that Obama will preside in Washington over a watershed period just like Gorbachev earlier did in Moscow. He says that the build up of events will trigger the collapse of the dollar in November this year (2009) but that the consequences can be softened by reasoning sections of the American elite.

Igor Panarin suggests, “I have named two key figures, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Deputy State Secretary William Burns. I had contact during my visit to Washington and wish that this section of the American political elite wins in national political dialogue so that the internal crisis does not trigger a global one.”

Wendell W Solomons

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