We The People

To the Editor:

     We The People, three simple words that changed the world in July of 1776 and have changed the world every day since. It is truly mind boggling how those three words have based the way every person on the planet operates. People the world over yearn for the American dollar, American clothing, and other American made products. They love our movies, our entertainment, and our way of life. Oh sure, there are a few out there that live in caves and herd goats that think we may be heathens but I’m sure they have satellite TV dishes on top of their mountains somewhere. After all, who could not live without FOX news and talk radio?

    The United States of America was founded on the idea that every citizen has the right to express their views no matter how extreme their political views or beliefs. The first amendment of the Constitution guarantees that right. The Constitution was written by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. These founding fathers knew that these rights that we as citizens enjoy would someday be tested.  They knew that there would be enemies that would come along both within the Government and beyond the national borders. They also knew that these enemies would make attempts to make changes in our government to gain control or dictate our day to day lives.

    These founding fathers were wise beyond their years. They could see that many terrible issues could arise within our government and installed a fail safe system in the Constitution to make sure our way of life would be insured and our government would operate the way it was originally designed. That fail safe system is you. Yes you. We are the last line of defense to insure that the American system of government survives.

    We the people have become complaisant with our way of life. The stress of day to day living has blinded us to what those who we have elected into office are actually doing when they get to Washington DC. The stress of making sure the mortgage is paid and the car is not repossessed, and the children’s shoes meet the peer inspection have taken the place of calling your congress person or representative and telling them how you would like to have them vote on bills and other important legislation. We are giving these elected officials a free hand to do what they wish through our own ignorance.

    I know, you are sitting there after a hard day’s night and worrying about all the issues that we face day to day and snickering about this article. That’s Ok to think that all will be well for you and your children. It’s Ok to laugh at us that are taking this last line of defense thing very seriously. Do you know what the National Debt is? Do you know how much money we owe China? Do you know how much money we are printing every day that is not backed by anything? Do you know where the TARP money is going?

    We the people must make it our business to know and to let these elected officials our concerns in these matters. We have to know what will happen if health care become a government run program. You are the last line of defense. Arm yourself with the facts, become an educated patriot. Tell the elected officials that this is not politics as usual. Tell them that this has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. This government is run by American citizens. “We The People” and we understand that “Self Government will fail without Self Discipline”





WK Milliman

Article writer

Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/politics-articles/we-the-people-1228135.html

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