Speak up Be American!!

To the Editor:

I’m sure this message will land me on some kind of enemies list and I will be branded racist, kook, right wing extremist, but I just don’t give a D…., any more. This country has been too good to me and my loved ones to stand by and watch it turned into a dictatorship without letting my voice be heard. I’m going to be communicating to all I can reach via internet while it is still available. How many of you know legislation is quietly sliding through the senate(Jay Rockefeller) that will give the chosen one complete authority to control the internet in the US of A. Where does your internet business go when He decides an “emergency” warrants shutting down the internet for “security” reasons? If you think I am some senile old fool sitting in his rocker holding a drool cup, do so at your peril, you and your loved one freedoms are at risk.

The current President of The United States is the biggest threat this country has ever been faced with. I’ve been on this earth for 73+ years, served eight years in the Air Force and love what this country has always stood for, a place where hard word, education, loyalty, kindness, love and determination will reward you unbelievably well. I’m so sad to see how our newest generations are so simple minded as to believe in this Pied Piper, that he will somehow take care of you in all ways. I am amazed at the speed and ease with which he is being allowed to do this.

The unbelievable debt being generated for future generations will soon come due, but then it will be too late. I’m happy to see there are others like me who understand what is happening, but I fear “He” is already working on ways to shut our mouths permanently. The internet takeover being one of them. Please, Americans, wake up and look at what is happening…not a shot is being fired but our wonderful country is close to surrender, being destroyed silently and quickly from within. There has never been a country as great as ours and if this “change” is allowed to happen, there will never be another like it, ever again.

Why do you think so many people from all over the world want to come here? They’re smarter than we are…they know what the alternatives are, have lived it and want to get away from it. Please, please don’t let this man destroy the American way of life. Write your congress reps. and senators and tell them to oppose this man and his radical ideas.

Many of you aren’t old enough to know the recent past, but there are those who think Jimmy Carter was a good president. He may have been a “good man” but he was without doubt the most ineffectual, uninspiring, unpatriotic president in my lifetime. (I almost voted for him because I was angry at President Ford for letting Nixon off) Thank God I didn’t, it would have been one of the more stupid choices of my life. The country suffered greatly. But I’d trade ‘Bama for Carter in an instant. What Carter did was due to being incompetent and even though he was a screaming liberal, he never held malice towards this country. ‘Bama wants revenge for deeds done long before most of us were born and he wants to be the Ultimate Ruler over this great land. He’s on his way with all the liberal media outlets in his back pocket, figuring ways to stifle talk radio, shut down the internet, cap and trade to increase the cost of energy to where we won’t be able to afford travel, I know I’m leaving alot out, but the best of all will be his “Civilian Army” with “a strength as great as our present miltary”.(His words, not mine) Do you know why he needs this? Who is this unseen threat, we citizens? We have a volunteer military. Some are there because they needed a job, but most are patriots and passionately believe in America and it’s principles, as was my decision “back when” in 1956. If it ultimately came to a total take over of our country because this administration had crippled us so badly we had to capitulate to his rule for just our existence, for food and water, I don’t believe our military would go along with him. He will of course try to ruin the military by holding back funding, which he is already doing.

Ever heard of (Americorps) Let’s not forget Acorn, Apollo Group, the  New Black Panthers to name a few of “HIS chosen troops for his army. The  “civilian army” would be there to finish off the job, taking over the role of our present military. His own personal army. How do you spell “dictator”? This scenario has happened many times before in history, even recently(Hugo Chavez). Wake up before it’s too late. Don’t let him get away with this. Vote him out in 2012. Resist him now. Speak up Be American!!

When I retired after 35 years as a mortgage banker, I thought my “working” days were finished. I was enjoying the”good” life traveling the country in my motorhome with my wife, Carolyn and Max, our Bichon. Throughout my life, I always was an MLM junkie becoming involved in at least 15 different programs achieving various levels of success. After retirement, I thought my addiction to MLM was in the past. But alas, I stumbled upon another program “business.

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