Obama Junks Bush’s European Missile Plan…and its Allies

To the Editor:

The administration of United States of America decided Thursday to cancel the deployment of land based missile defence system in Eastern Europe. President Obama has said that this step has been taken in favour of what he calls a new approach to defend United States and its NATO allies.

Former US President Goerge Bush first proposed the building of a missile defence system in Czech Republic and Poland in 2006. That proposal was immediately condemned by the Russians who threatened to place their own missiles on the European Union borders. However, after learning of Washington’s plans to abandon its program, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has termed America’s decision ‘correct and brave’.

The change has come following some disclosures by the US Intelligence Community (IC) that the threat posed by Iran’s long range missile capability is “not as immediate as previously thought”. The White House says the Iranian ICBM threat is not developing at the predicted pace . At the same time the Iranian short and medium range missiles are developing faster than projected.

The interesting thing is that this decision has come on the 70th anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Poland.Also, Poland were only made aware of the decision about an hour or two before the announcement.This action has once again proved America’s unfaithfulness towards its allies. Now the two European countries are left at the mercy of their giant neighbour Russia.

The recent wave of recession could well be responsible for Washington’s actions. Robert Gates had already given a reduced figure of the money that was to be spent on the defence system and many analysts had worked out his intentions correctly at that time.

The taxpayers in the United States could well breath a sigh of relief after the abandonment of this project. However, to be realistic, the effects of this might not reach the general public as America has indulged itself in enough mess around the world to be making such savings.

President Obama has come under some criticism from his opposition after this decision with some people calling him a Communist!. Communists in 1992 in Moscow told Tom Fife in an American Free Press article that Obama is a communist and atheist. One never could understand the need for the missiles in Poland and Czech Republic since the American submarine fleet has adequate resources to deter any dangerous Russian movement. Medvedev was all smiles and called Obama Comrade when they met!

Jabran Kundi

Jabran Kundi is the author of the blog Kundi’s Blog.
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