President Obama’s Speech on Healthcare

To the Editor:

President Obama’s healthcare proposal speech ended with additional confusion and a greater division between the parties. His package has enough layers to cover all citizens of this nation with adequate medical insurance. One question that concerns conservatives is how this can be implemented in a short time span. Obama cleared some of the haze surrounding that in his speech to Congress earlier this week. The President said his plan will be fully operational at the end of his first term in office. This statement sounds as though he will be headed back to the White House for a second term to tie up any lose ends on this proposal.

Conservatives are of the opinion that all insured individuals will eventually opt for the government insurance coverage because the premiums will be less than private pay or company plans. President Obama’s speech to Congress was too lengthy to be understood by viewers. He has some very sound ideas but when the Congressional heckler in the audience called out “liar” it proves something is amiss. The public is not privy to the behind the scenes debates but it was evident during his speech that Vice President Biden and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, were visibly unhappy by the speech’s reception in Congress.

President Obama tried valiantly to make headway and cut to the chase in his proposal but he only repeated what the public already knows. Anyone who has insurance will keep it and those who are without any form of insurance will be assigned to the government form of medical insurance. This is a work in progress and Obama made a noble attempt in cleaning up some of the issues.

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