Who are the providers in your neighborhood?

Who are the providers in your neighborhood?

To the Editor:

Have you been laid off from your current job? Are you looking for employment? With so many layoffs and a struggling economy what do we do? I think that everyone has skills, talents and qualities that they can contribute to society, if they so choose. I also believe that even though the economy is struggling we can rise above it and come out better on the other side. Remember the old saying; what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

Instead of seeing gloom and doom I’ve chosen to look at our struggling economy as an opportunity to serve and help my community with my skills and resources that are available to me. Maybe you will decide to do the same? Do you ever consider that there is something out there that would be more rewarding and that you may actually truly enjoy? Maybe you’re already doing exactly what you love to do and just want to get your name out there? Regardless of the fact that people are getting laid off from work, there ARE certain jobs out there that will always be needed and could even be considered recession proof.

If you have children, at some point you are going to need child care. You may not have the time to give your aging parent the attention they deserve and need, so you’ll need to find a companion to help them. Do you have a pet? Who is going to take care of them if you have to go out of town? If your car breaks down, do you know a good mechanic? Maybe you cut your own hair, but if not, you’re eventually going to need a good a barber or beautician. What about your home, auto and life insurance? I personally have an agent that actually called to tell me that I qualified for a discount and saved me forty dollars a month! Would your insurance agent do that?

Recently, the woman that does my taxes told me a story that a few of her clients wanted her to teach them how to do their own taxes because they had been laid off and couldn’t afford to pay her. Instead of snubbing her nose at them, she told them she would still do their taxes and they could pay her when they could afford to, but she asked if they would please refer their family and friends to her. She ended up getting new clients because of her kindness, amazing!!

There are so many exceptional people in your community that provide personal services, which you may not be aware of. Maybe you are one of them? Like I said before, YOU have special talents and skills that would benefit YOUR community.

My name is Kim Cross, and I’m the founder of NeighborhoodProviders.com. I live in the small town of Newton Falls, Ohio and have seen first hand the effects of layoffs. I decided maybe there was something I could do that would be of value to help my community. So, with the help of my partner, Bob Baumann, we created a company that is dedicated to giving you the tools and resources to help you find a personal provider or employment in your neighborhood.

Please note that Neighborhood Providers truly believes in supporting local communities and that the small business owners are the backbone to society. To show our support Neighborhood Providers will yearly donate 5% of all the advertising sales back into the communities that use our services. Donations will be made to local community centers or non profit organizations that support local communities. We also have a volunteer program for individuals or families in need, NPVP-Neighborhood Providers Volunteer Program. If you or someone you know is struggling and in need of assistance please contact 877-756-1955 or send an email to npvp@neighborhoodproviders.com.

If you would like to volunteer your services to an individual or family in need please contact us at npvp@neighborhoodproviders.com or go to www.neighborhoodproviders.com for more details and contact information.
In closing, we would like to invite you to tour Neighborhoodproviders.com. It is our hope you will take advantage of the resources provided to you. We want YOU to thrive and rise above any negative influences and focus on YOUR talents and special qualities that only YOU have. Become an active member of our community!
Kim Cross

Kim Cross is the CO-Founder and President of Neighborhood Providers .

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