Barack Obama is not Hitler

To the Editor:

I will get right to the point; Barack Obama is not Hitler: from the former, who may or may not be educated, such a comparison originates from a misunderstanding of Obama’s fundamental concept of “change”, from the latter, such a comparison originates from a limited fundamental knowledge of history and its uses.

Before I move on to the foundation of my thesis, note that I am not writing to change anyone’s political views. I am writing out of disgust of those who are brazen enough to hold up the picket signs that read, “Hitler wanted ‘change’ too”, and flamboyantly flash the garbage words that make my breakfast bitter as I watch the morning news in my living room. The audience that I write too is unrestricted; maybe I’m the one being narrow-minded and these people actually can back up the messages that they are spreading around.

This is improbable though. My purpose in writing is to shed light to those involved in the happenings of society. I do not seek to influence; In fact, I am a detractor of the concept of “influence”. It is an individual’s responsibility to create his or her own thoughts on certain issues. Now, I’m not sure if republican intellectuals consciously fooled people into categorizing Obama with Hitler, or people truly make this silly comparison, for a word as powerful as “Hitler” can easily sway the mind of a non-intellectual.

As I now set the foundation of my thesis I can only wonder why people would think to compare Obama to Hitler. Certainly not everyone who actively encourages changes in the government is a Nazi. Let me remind you, in case you had forgotten, who Hitler was. Yes, he did want “change”, but not with the respect to the government so much as he wanted it with respect to the German population. He was an evil genius, a nationalist, and a demagogue who was able to convince the German population that it needed “cleansing”. He killed millions of people. Obama on the other hand recognizes a problem with our functional government. He knows that if he does not act as president, if policies were to remain as they are now, our country will fall into shambles! Every democrat and republican knows that this is the truth. It is indisputable, and referencing Obama’s policies to that of Hitler is the most pathetic and desperate attempt thinkable to defame a president who has the best interest of America in mind.

Rockwell Anyoha

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