Drug & Insurance Money to Politicians Costs Taxpayers

To the Editor:

One year after the Wall Street disasters, Business Owners say nothing will be the same. More businesses are going under, due to politicians’ greed. Few companies left must cut jobs, salaries, hours, and benefits! In the end, will probably close!
Doesn’t it concern you that politicians aren’t trying to bring back textile and furniture companies back? With the stroke of their high-dollar pens, they could eliminate Nafta and Cafta!

Obama doesn’t mention drug and Insurance companies are still giving billions to politicians! Shouldn’t this tell you why you can’t buy medicines and insurance? Obama wants Taxpayers to think ‘that people without healthcare will have insurance if politicians proceed with Healthcare plans, take money from the working, and ‘redistributing to the illegitimates’ – the illegitimate terrorists that Taxpayers have been made to support for decades.

This shouldn’t be Americas’ responsibility! Redistributing wealth isn’t the answer! Raising taxes on highest income earners who are private business owners won’t create jobs, just finish bankrupting America! Taxpayers, of all party affiliations and races, should put an end to ‘social and welfare programs’. Constant bickering and getting someone fired isn’t answer?

Obama stated, many times-I quote ‘we’re not going to touch Social Security or Medicare, we’re going to cut waste from social and welfare programs!’ If Obama or any politician wants Taxpayers to believe this rhetoric, we have an ocean in Arizona Desert, we’ll sell them!

Obamas’ constant statements ‘the deficits he inherited’ makes Taxpayers wonder why his ‘Change you an believe in’ isn’t working for anyone except him and other politicians? Obamas’ latest words to $1.38 trillion deficit – I’m quoting “we’ll move forcefully to get deficits under control ONCE the nations’ recession has ended!” Really? His extravagant spending habits aren’t going to end and neither is recession until Taxpayers hand out pink slips!

Shirley deLong

The author is a Jamestown, NC Artist, Activist and Environmentalist. Author of several published articles. Honorary Chairperson, NRCC, for State of North Carolina. Nominated by White House. http://shirleydelongartist.com

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