Donate Your Computer – 5 Ways Giving Can Be Rewarding

To the Editor:

Have you ever considered the fact that computer donations can be rewarding? There are now many ways and means, along with stress-free options, to donate and/or recycle your computer and reap benefits. In fact, there has never been a better time to donate your computer. A multitude of organizations exist that run highly effective charitable computer donation programs that positively impact the lives of so many while giving you some real rewards.

Here are 5 Ways it can be rewarding to Donate and/or Recycle Your Computer:

1. The first benefit is that when you donate your computer now, as an individual, the charitable deductions from contributions of technology equals the fair market value (retail used value in the current market place) of the donated computer.

The donation is tax-deductible for the year in which the charitable organization receives the equipment. Even shipping costs are tax-deductible under applicable rules and regulations when you donate your computer now. Please consult your tax advisor when you are ready to donate your computer.

2. There are even added incentives and bonuses from certain charitable organizations. In fact, the leading computer donation receiving association will give you a Free Vacation Offer when you donate your computer now. Choose from thousands of vacation spots, cruises, hotels or both! With any P4 or above computer donation you send them, you will receive a vacation voucher allowing you chose from four different deluxe vacation packages.

Best of all, their offer is not connected with any timeshare seminars or sales gimmicks of any kind. Plus you will still enjoy the tax deduction when you give your computer away. .

3. When you donate your computer instead of discarding it and throwing it away, it will not only help reduce waste, it will be of tremendous help to the environment. A sad fact of life is that when your computer is put on the junk block, it ends up crushed in landfills. Computers leak toxic metals like lead and mercury. You can definitely reduce environmental hazards by doing the green thing. This is another reason why it’s rewarding to donate or recycle your used computer.

4. Reuse and recycle. A certified reuse center will be able to refurbish your donated computer so that it can benefit others and they might even provide you with incentives like free software for doing so.

5. Helping others. One of the greatest joys in life is when you can make a positive change in the lives of other, less fortunate human beings. When you donate your computer to a charitable organization, you can rest assured that your donated equipment will be benefiting school children in need, challenged seniors and non-profit organizations.

In some cases, the financial benefits of donating and/or recycling your computer may even outweigh the benefits of selling your computer. You can also avoid the hassles associated with selling your computer. There’s no haggling with a dealer over the trade-in value. No waiting at home. No advertising costs. You help the environment. You help a deprived child. And you just might end up on a well-deserved cruise vacation.

Indeed, donating your computer is a lot easier than trying to sell or trade it in. These are truly rewarding reasons to donate your computer now. You can even do it online.

Adam Nur

Adam Nur is a freelance writer hoping to make the world a more connected place.
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