How To Lose Your Country

To the Editor:

It’s easy to drift along with life entrusting your future to nameless others. Someone will look after you or take care of getting the garbage out to the road. Your leaders know and care about you.

Not True if you don’t:

  • Know them.
  • Send them money.
  • Work on their campaigns.
  • Vote.

If you are not in one of these four groups politicians don’t know you! As a matter of fact you don’t exist. You are not a squeaky wheel and therefore will not get any grease.

Politicians are masters of the Free:

  • Free money, yours.
  • Free labor, yours.
  • Free vote, yours.

When you vote, don’t vote the straight ticket. Remember that what’s said in a political campaign is not meant to be taken as truth. In other words, candidates will lie, often lie, seriously lie if it means they can win. To know a candidate you will have to investigate. This is time consuming, difficult and may cost you money.

Keep taking pot shots at the candidate’s talking points. My girl friend called them “stalking points.” Has the taxes been paid? Has the candidate ever needed to work? Is there a love child? Did the candidate ever commit a crime? Is the candidate above the law? Is the candidate above your petty judgments oblivious to your lifestyle needs? Does the candidate stand for anything not based on polls and focus groups? Typically the candidate will be tripped up on one of the points above.

If you don’t spend your money to defeat those against you, you aren’t serious. If you won’t vote against those against you, you deserve to lose your country. If you can’t choose the best of the worst then run for the office. No one said you couldn’t be corrupted. If your political party is not willing to do something for you then leave it for one that will.

Sometimes when a political party takes over a government the citizens have to be quiet in order to survive. If congress has mandated then congress in the future can unmandate. Yes, I know congress believes it can manage anything better than business or taxpayers.

How well has congress managed?

  • The economy
  • Jobs or reduce unemployment
  • Housing
  • Immigration
  • Class and race structure
  • Health Care
  • War

There once was a powerful leader who listened carefully to those who advised him about his subjects. This was strange since none of the advisors had been a leader or subject within the kingdom. They described what he should wear, the content of his speeches, the projection of his image within the kingdom.

A cellophane garment was constructed for the leader. He would wear it on the annual pilgrimage to his birthplace. The great day came and the leader went forth in his new garment. His subjects bowed as he passed by.

When asked about their great leader they said:

  • We prefer to see less of our great leader.
  • We prefer to hear our leader than his advisors.
  • We fear for the great leader’s welfare.
  • Our leader will one day remove the locusts of advisors from the land.

Upon hearing this the great leader was angry. What does this mean he inquired of his advisors. They responded with your subjects need to be taught a lesson in respect.

The great leader reflected long and hard upon this advice. A great banquet was held and all the advisors attended and feasted. During the entertainment advisors fell by one, by two and so on.

The advisors moaned most groaned why? At the end the great leader arose from his seat and spake, “Is not the proof in the tasting?”

If government ceases to be in tune with its citizens revolution looms. When a citizens voluntarily cease to be a part of the government the end is coming! A government that fails to perform its duties can’t exist.

Ronald E. Newton

Newton’s varied background in intelligence, network applications and consulting for IBM Global Services provided the perfect foundation for designing and implementing online classes in test preparation. Passionate about online learning and its possibilities, Newton provides mentoring services that help students, learn and perform well on the GED math, science tests.You may contact him at


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