Melissa Lafsky and the Divorce Culture

To the Editor:

With the death of Ted Kennedy there has been an endless amount of gushing over the “Lion of the Senate” passing away. A die-hard liberal, he was known as being concerned for the working class and the downtrodden.

But for all his accomplishments, Ted Kennedy was a lucky man that he did not end up in jail for a crime he committed. In July of 1969 at Chappaquiddick, Mary Jo Kopechne was in an auto with a drunken Ted Kennedy. To recap the story, Teddy crashed the car into the water; left the scene of the crime, called his lawyers, and reported the accident the following day. He left Mary Jo Kopechne to die alone in a car.

Melissa Lafsky, a blogger for the Huffington Post, wrote an op ed piece on Ted Kennedy weighing his achievement and his foibles and came to the following conclusion: “Who knows — maybe she’d feel it was worth it.”

To paraphrase, given Ted’s great achievements; Marry Jo Kopechne loss of life, although tragic inspired Ted to be a great Senator. Are you kidding me? This gal has lost her mind!!! Think about the horrible way this girl died: alone, trapped in a car, and drowned.. and Ted Kennedy abandoned her to save his own ass.

Ted Kennedy was not a hero. He was a legislator. Through the force of the law, he took from one group of people to give to another, and in our sick culture that is deemed honorable. And if you somehow did not subject yourself to the laws of the land, the lawyers would come in and pick your wallet clean. Let’s call things as they are, robbery and coercion are how Ted accomplished his goals.

The divorce industry learned the game well because if you don’t follow the guidelines from the divorce industry as it relates to: child support, visitation, restraining orders, alimony, etc.. the legal industry and the government complex will come down on you hard. What the divorce industry has forgotten is that divorce is one of the most painful processes that individuals have to go through. The divorce industry and the Melissa Lafsky’s of the world have no regards for the individual or the greater good.

The fact is that society functions best when individual rights are honored and protected and the divorce industry has lost sight of that fact. The divorce industry is in the business of breaking up the family so as to make as much money for themselves.

Ron Lasorsa

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