About Those Tea Parties

To the Editor:

According to some in the news media, I might pass for an “extreme right-wing racist”. Well, when I attended a local tea party here in the nearly bankrupt state of New Jersey, I saw men and women, young and old, black and white, middle class and rich, along with Democrats and Republicans.

Our purpose in gathering was to show the nation’s leaders that we, the owners of this democracy, object to unstrained spending, tyrannical government intrusion into our lives, and massive taxes.

We cannot let others fight our battles for us anymore. The stakes for our children and grandchildren in unsustainable debt are too high for us not to act. 

I call on the “silent majority”, those Americans who make this country work and have sacrificed to keep us safe, to be a part of this movement to reclaim the principles of the founding fathers. These concepts are as old but timeless in their application from colonial times to the present. Fundamentally, Government should live within its means and spend only what it takes from the people. Aside from national defense, public safety, such as enforcement of the borders, health safety concerns and such common “promotion of the general welfare”, the  federal government should not interfere in our everyday lives. Lastly, taxes are a legal method of taking of the fruit of someone’s labor and giving it to another who has not earned it. While necessary to provide for basic services, it should not deter intiative and the free exchange of goods and services.

  The American we know and love must be preserved above all else. It is time to LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

James Wolbert

The autor describes himself as “a conservative man of 51 years born and raised in the sleepy town of Garfield, NJ. As my daughter says, ‘Nothing happens in Garfield.’ I have strong religious and political views. I have written some articles for newspapers and thought I would try here.

Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/politics-articles/tea-parties-1264165.html

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