How to Fight the New World Order

To The Editor:

What is the New World Order and why is there so much
controversy surrounding it? Some people have never heard of the
New World Order and just give a blank stare when asked about it.
Others feel dread and extreme anxiety at hearing the phrase.
Still others scoff at the New World Order and consider it the
product of the overactive imagination of conspiracy theorists.
Whatever opinions may exist about the New World Order, insiders
know that it is real and that it seeks to change life on planet

But what is the New World Order specifically? Apologists for
the NWO will say that it is the natural evolution of the world,
which will lead to a period of greater peace and international
cooperation. In reality, the New World Order is a clandestine
movement that seeks to impose a centralized world government,
singular world currency, and authoritarian control over the
masses of humanity. To many the notion that such a movement
exists seems absolutely ludicrous. However, those who have
researched the agenda and practices of international secret
societies such as the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Skull and
Bones, the Bilderberg Group, and many others understand how
these organizations connive to implement their agenda of
domination over all people.

President John F. Kennedy spoke about this movement as have
other notable figures including Robert Welch, founder of the
John Birch Society. In a recent interview, controversial author
and speaker David Icke exposed the New World Order agenda, its
practices, and the danger it poses to world civilization. Mr.
Icke expounded on a practice he calls
“problem-reaction-solution” whereby the governing authorities
fabricate some crisis or problem designed to elicit a knee-jerk
public reaction which then leads the same authorities to propose
a solution that further galvanizes their power and advances
their overall agenda of oppressive dominance. This sinister
manipulation of the public is a common practice for the devotees
of the New World Order.

So how does one combat the insidious deception of the NWO
agenda? The best way to fight is not a call to arms in the
streets. The best weapon with which to fight is the weapon of
knowledge. The NWO agenda has marched forward because the
overwhelming majority of the world has been ignorant of its
existence. The more people that are made aware of this plan and
that decide to resist it firmly, the less successful the leaders
of the NWO will be at implementing their plan.

One new organization that seeks to inform people of the truth
and to empower them with the means to overcome this threat of
tyranny is the Global Information Network (or GIN). The Global
Information Network is a worldwide association founded by
high-level members of many international secret societies who do
not agree with the New World Order agenda. By empowering the
general public with the secrets that these elite societies have
used to amass global wealth and power, GIN seeks to elevate the
common man and woman to enable them to resist and to defeat the
NWO agenda from a position of financial, emotional, and salutary

The future of world civilization hangs in the balance. “All
that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do
nothing.” Though scholars debate whether Sir Edmund Burke
actually uttered this quotation, the point is clear. We must act
now to stop the evil of the New World Order, lest we fail and
see humanity plunge into a new Dark Age of global oppression.

Gerald Jacobs

About the Author: To learn more about the Global Information
Network and to join the growing resistance against the New World
Order, visit View
NWO videos by Kennedy, Welch, and Icke on the YouTube channel


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