Health Care-AARP Has It Wrong

To the Editor:

AARP has it wrong and NARP-National Association of Retired People have it right. Why does AARP think a government take over of health care could possibly be good for seniors? 

I am one senior citizen that thinks AARP sold us out. I thought AARP was supposed to be for seniors, now I think they are for the politicians. AARP came out in favor the government takeover of health care (they don‘t call it that, I call it that). I read AARP’s list of reasons for support of new legislation and it sounds very lofty and idealistic. “We all have a role to play individuals, providers, purchasers, insurers, and the government.” What role do we “senior individuals” have to play? Go home and die because the government eliminates health care services we now receive. The one thing AARP should have said is that the government should not run or control the health care system. To begin with, they say our healthcare system is broken but it is not. We have the best health care systems in the world. Americans do not leave this country to get better health care in another country. It is the other way around, world leaders come here for medical treatment. AARP should have stood up for their 40 million members and said no to the government takeover of our health care system.

AARP sells hundreds of millions of dollars of medical insurance to seniors. They were afraid of losing that revenue and made a wink and nod agreement with the politicians. Presently there about 1,300 health care insurance companies in the US. It is estimated that number will be reduced to about 50 in the first few years of the new plan. Does AARP really think they can trust any of the politicians in Washington? Did you see how 200 years of law was thrown out the window when it came to the government takeover of General Motors and Chrysler? Ask the 100,000 individual secured bondholders that were screwed out of 70% of their secured money if they trust the politicians. By the way, most of them were seniors. AARP and the insurance companies will be shocked in a few years when the government tells them there will only be one health insurance plan run by the government and their services will not be needed. I do not think the Republicans or the Democrats in Washington can be trusted. Politics has become only about “what’s in it for me right now” and control, not about what is best for the American people. The politicians love their power. Do you really feel AARP is looking out for you? 

The government really does not care about providing good health care in America for everyone; they care about the government-running health care in America. It is about government control of another major section of the economy and your life. If all they really wanted to do, was guarantee health care for everyone it would only cost between $29 to $40 billion extra over today’s costs; and the rest of us could continue with the good health care we have now without the government control. It could all be paid for out of stopping even part of the $200 billion in medical fraud each year. If they did that one thing, there would be no need to raise taxes or have the government take over our health care system. Tell that to your politicians. If the government takes over health care, they will control about sixty percent of the US economy. They already control the Banks, Insurance (AIG), Auto Industry (GM & Chrysler), Mortgage business (Fannie Mae & Freddy Mack), and now they want to take over health care. If you are a senior citizen and the government takes over health   care, they are going to tell us at what age we live or die. Maybe you are like me and had heart bypass surgery at age 58 and I will probably need it again at age 75 (because it usually only last 15 or 20 years). In England with their government run health care, you cannot get a stint or heart bypass surgery if you are over 59. If that happens here a guess they will tell me, I am too old because it is not cost effective for someone my age, and not covered by Medicare, I will just have to go home and die.

After they get us all on the government plan they can make us do anything they want not necessarily, what is the best for you to live longer. I am 69 years old (the same age as Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House). I think you seniors and I are entitled to the same health care opportunities as she and Ted Kennedy. These politicians will not have the same health care insurance rules we on Medicare are being asked to accept. Under the new plan if you are Ted Kennedy’s age, you could not get the brain surgery he received. What is wrong with what the government is trying to do is, limiting how your Doctor can treat you. Moreover, what is worse, if they say it is not covered by Medicare it will be illegal for you to go out and pay for better treatment out of your own pocket that is just not right?

If these politicians take over health care, your life, and my life just got shorter. This applies to you young people as well. The President’s chief health care policy advisors Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel (brother of Rohm Emanuel the president‘s chief of staff) has written extensively that the elderly should get less health care. He thinks that incurable illnesses such as dementia should not get continued health care. He says because they no longer contribute to society. Does this apply to Down syndrome babies, badly injured soldiers and to paraplegics as well? He also is a leading proponent of state assisted suicide. He is a very brilliant man but these are not the views most of us here in the United States of America. That sounds more like Nazi Germany back in the late thirties. How does AARP think this kind of thinking is good for seniors?

I do not want anyone coming between my doctor and me. I want my personal doctor telling me what is best for my loved ones and my health, not some Washington Bureaucrat.

I do not want some young person in Washington telling me my 82-year mother cannot receive treatment because it is not covered. Like I just said, even if you have the money to pay for it out of your own pocket it will be against the law. To me that is just not right, it is outrageous, this is not Cuba, China, or Russia this is the United States of America. If you like, the way the government runs the Post Office, the IRS, Social Security, or the way they handled New Orleans during Katrina then get ready for the Government Takeover of Health Care.

One of the staff from a Senator’s office out of Nebraska said… If they cannot get what they want right now, they will take anything they can and change it to what they want in a couple of years. They actually want a single payer plan with rationed health care. We seniors cannot let this happen.   

I have called every Congressman, Senator and the White House letting them know that I do not want the government to take over health care and I and my fellow Americans will vote against anyone that votes for it. You may ask why I called all of them. The other day I saw a Senator on TV that said he was getting calls from all over the country and he appreciated hearing the pulse of the nation. He thought it was a good idea to contact each of them and let them know what people all across the country are thinking. 

I will make a prediction… If our politicians vote in the government take over of health care there will be a voters revolt, a nationwide outcry of “Throw the bums out of Washington.”

The administration is very smooth about how they promote the government take over of health care. When the Clinton’s tried, the governments take over of healthcare, they called it healthcare reform, and it died. These politicians started that way but have changed what they call it. Now they call it health insurance reform. It is the same thing. They are just trying to blame the insurance companies for high prices and divert your attention away from their real agenda to take over. The government wants to take over health care and have control over your life and your death.

The myth is they are trying to sell us the idea the system is broken and they can fix it. We all know the truth is we have the best health care in the world, they want to take control, and they will ruin it. People from the United States are not leaving this country to go anywhere else for medical treatment. If our system is so bad, why do Kings and leaders of other countries come here to get medical care? This is all about control and power it is not about giving health care to everyone. Anyone that needs emergency health care can get it right now if you have the money or not. They can call it anything they want but it is about control of your life.

If they once get any kind of government health insurance, life in America will never be the same.They will gradually nudge you into their plan and ultimately make everyone on the government plan (except the politicians and some unions). All of the politicians have private health insurance plans and every December they can choose to change if they want. In the new proposal if you ever for any reason want to switch health insurance you can only go into the government plan, which is just wrong.

All of you young people beware. If you feel like you cannot afford health insurance with your present lifestyle, the government will make you buy it anyway. Health insurance may cost you as much as $6,000 a year and if you do not buy it they may fine you a fine of $3,800 a year. That is just not right. You should be able chose what you think is best for yourself. This universal health care is flawed from the start. There are many ways to reduce health care costs without government control. If the politicians and unions do not switch to the government health insurance plan then you know the politicians have lied to us but by then it will be too late. This is not about either side of politics this is about the lives and well-being of all Americans. God, help us all if this health care passes in any  

Carl Wheeler

Carl Wheeler~Author and Publisher for Six Saturdays a Week "" A web site dedicate to the improvement of the quality of life as we age.

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