Chicago Does D.C

The Obama White House is plotting a political strategy similar to that of ex-President Richard Nixon and may be on the verge of preparing its own “enemies list.”

The World Economy FIX IT ALL

The World Economy FIX IT ALL

To the Editor: We sit at the table of crisis but also at the table of opportunity. Clearly we must bail out the mistakes of “Wall Street”. Let’s fix it all for good. One Trillion dollars for stabilizing the markets…why stop there? How about printing TEN TRILLION DOLLARS and shipping all of those dollars to […]

Of Iran and Oil

To the Editor: Among the few countries that have a substantial influence over the prices of crude oil and natural gas, Iran is probably the most feared by the international community due to its strategic, geographic and geopolitical position in the Middle East and Central Asia. Regularly coming into economic conflict with the United States […]

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize?

To the Editor: WHY did Obama win the peace prize? What is it that he has done as president in NINE months? Despite less than one year in office and leading two wars, President Obama snatched the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, stunning the world one week after failing to win an Olympic bid […]

Democracy in the Middle East – Why This is a Frightening Prospect For Its Rulers

It’s no secret that today the Middle East lacks the democratic political past, high literacy rates and high standards of living to claim democracy as its main political system. The political and economic reforms that occurred in Central and Eastern Europe or in East Asia and stimulated democratic change cannot be compared to the authoritarian Arab leaders in the majority of the Arab countries.

Copenhagen Can Open New Era of Clean and Economical Energies

To the Editor: Highly paid government bureaucrats will be descending in masses on Copenhagen in December of 2009. They all have instructions to defend the status quo and make sure that the world will follow the outdated and ineffective recommendations and provisions of the ill conceived Kyoto Protocol.Only a few, if any, officials have any […]