Rep. Peter King of NY: Wrong About Michael Jackson

concertTo the Editor:

As the world celebrates the life of Michael Jackson (MJ), we have a Congressman who posted a video on You Tube, demeaning the life and legacy of “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson (MJ).

While I respect Congressman King’s right to free speech, I find it unfortunate that he is amongst a number of right-wingers who take this opportunity to spread hatred. Let’s break down the speech. King said,

“Let’s knock out the psychobabble. He was a pervert, a child
molester; he was a pedophile.

Rep. King, MJ was found ‘not guilty’ of child molestation. He was acquitted in one case and settled out of court in another. In America, there is a trail by jury before declaring a man guilty.

One of the so-called victims, Gavin Arvizo, was 13 years old in 2005 when the alleged crimes occurred. If one paid attention to how the prosecution presented its case, it was almost seemed as if the acquisitions were fabricated. The jury felt that way too and found MJ innocent.

King, during the O’Reily show said,

“An adult male who sleeps with young boys is a child molester,

if nothing else, is abusing their psyche…”.

Rep. King, sleeping in the same bed does not constitute molesting a child.

If you think that that way, why not present a bill that would declare sharing a bed with a minor as child molester. I guess in your view, foster parents, nannies, older brothers, and caretakers can now be officially declared as child molesters.

You should know that Gavin Arvizo, his sister Daveline, brother Star and mother Janet were “upfront” and asserted that inappropriate behavior had “absolutely not occurred”. Janet in fact, asked her boys to call MJ a father figure. The Arvizo’s had insisted that while they slept in MJ’s bed, MJ himself slept on the floor. To further the rebuttal Janet Arvizo issued the following statement:

“The relationship that Michael has with my children is beautiful,
loving, father-son and daughter one. To my children and me Michael
is part of the family.”

Janet Arvizo is the same woman who made a fool of herself on the witness stand which included snapping her fingers and staring at the jurors.

Wade Robson and Brett Barnes are two other boys who shared a bed with MJ, and who also denied any inappropriate behavior had occurred. The same holds true for actors Macaulay Culkin, his younger brother Kieran.

Then there was young, Jordan Chandler, the benefactor of a reported $20 million dollar settlement. MJ, under advisement from his friend, which included Lisa Marie Presley, decided to settle out of court. Smart move. A long drawn out court case would have cost MJ many more millions of dollars in legal fees and undue stress for him and Chandler. Sources now believe that Chandler never told the truth. Congressman King, a settlement is not an admission of guilt!

Here is another thing King said.

” He may have been a good singer, he did some dancing. Bottom line is, would you let your child or grandchild be in the same room with Michael Jackson?

“What are we glorifying him for?”

Mr. King, are you with the times? This is the same man honored by the Republican demigod, Ronald Regan, at a visit to the Whitehouse. MJ’s life is glorified not because he was a ‘good’ singer, dancer, and entertainer. No, he was a phenomenon.

He was a humanitarian. While you politicians aid the rich and stand by while children starve all over the world, MJ gave millions to charities to help such less fortunate children.

As an entertainer, he has the number 1 best selling album of all time, the greatest dance videos of all time, and he would sell out a 100,000 plus seating concert venue in a matter of minutes!

Rep. King, you are all the way in New York. The events of MJ’s passing are here in California. So why should it bother you? Do us a favor and focus on events that matter to the people who unfortunately elected you. Let the media do it’s thing and you do your thing, like trying to rebuild the Republican Party.

50 years from now, MJ’s legacy will be as strong as it is today.

However your legacy, Mr. King will be known not for your service to New York, but as the man who criticized ‘The King of Pop’ during the days of his memorial service. You have added a tremendous weight on your shoulders for your next election.

Jim Hague

Hague is an author, lecturer, owner of Crystal Digital Images LLC, has no party affiliation and is a moderate. He is the author of ‘Abandoned Son: Roe vs. Wade is overturned.’

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