Corzine’s Spin Can’t Hide Record Job Losses

To the Editor:

All summer long, Jon Corzine has been touting gains in private sector jobs as “proof” that his policies have brought New Jersey out of recession. But his July claims vanished in an August “statistical update” and the September numbers show that we’ve lost another 12,000 private sector jobs as unemployment climbed to 9.8%, yet another 32 year record high. We feel the pain of these lost jobs in our communities regardless of what Corzine says.

While its bad enough that the Corzine administration has played games with the numbers trying to make a bad situation look better, it now turns out that Corzine has tried to “be creative” in hyping how his policies have aided job creation. All the spin in the world won’t change the reality that New Jersey is broken, and Corzine broke it.

We can all see what Corzine won’t say, that there’s a connection between his tax policies and the ever escalating unemployment rate. But instead of rolling back taxes and giving our small businesses a helping hand, Corzine talks of new fuel, sales and income taxes, only causing more jobs to move to Pennsylvania, Delaware and other neighboring states.

Corzine can claim things are getting better and jobs are being created but its just not true and everyone knows it, including his own staff.

We need Chris Christie in Trenton to start fixing a problem Corzine can’t even admit exists.

Joan B.

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