Texans Vote in the November Election

To the Editor:

The Texas Association of REALTORS® is urging Texans to vote for Propositions 2, 3, and 5.  This was sent out as a request by the Association President and local MLS offices.  It is my opinion that all residents should read carefully and study the benefits of voting for these amendments. 
These amendments in my opinion and that of the TAR, will help ensure that tax appraisals in Texas are fair to property owners and uniform from county to county. 
An e-mail misinformation campaign has been circulating that makes false statements about Propositions 2 and 3. The e-mail claims that passing these propositions will allow the state to start taxing homeowners. That is complete fiction. Here are brief explanations of what these amendments will actually do:  


 Proposition 2 will require county appraisal districts to value a home as a home. Currently, appraisal districts can use the “best and highest use” method to value a residence based on its potential use. For example, a residence in a neighborhood zoned for mixed use could be appraised at a higher amount for its possible use as a commercial property.  

      Proposition 3 gives the state the ability to make sure appraisal methods are consistent throughout the 254 Texas counties.    

      Proposition 5 will make it acceptable for two    adjoining appraisal districts to combine their boards of equalization if they wish-an option that rural counties may find attractive. 
Don’t let this misinformation campaign hurt the chances of passing these important amendments. 

If you need additional information, you can access a layman’s explanation written by Texas Association of REALTORS® staff attorney Gabe Lopez.  You can also read the Texas Legislative Council’s thorough explanation on all 11 proposed constitutional amendments.  No mater how one feels they should always take time to vote their commitment.


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