Chicago Does D.C

To the Editor:

I am not talking about the band entertaining the politicos in Washington, D.C. I am talking about Chicago-style politics being established in the White House under the final authorization of one Barack Obama and carried out by Rahm Emanuel. 

What we have seen so far this year is that if you do not agree with the Obama administration, you are trashed and left out in the COLD!

The most recent attacks have come against Fox News whom the White House has tried to do away with, mainly because they can’t “manage” them as they have affirmed they do all the rest. But, the so-called Nixon-style “enemies list” is much bigger, and far more serious.

A top Senate Republican took to the Senate floor Wednesday morning to suggest that the Obama White House is plotting a political strategy similar to that of ex-President Richard Nixon and may be on the verge of preparing its own “enemies list.”

Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) read off a list of examples he says support his contention, including: a reported effort by the White House to marginalize the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a supposed effort by the Health and Human Services Department to put a “gag order” on the insurer Humana, the White House move to take on Fox News, Obama’s repeated criticisms of banks and investment houses, his alleged “taking names” of “bondholders who resisted the GM and Chrysler bailouts,” and the president’s move to make insurers the bogeyman of the health care debate.

And we’re not even mentioned the “White House czars who have been established to circumvent the Congress and report to no one but the administration. This isn’t just a Republican-Democrat issue but one of “integrity of an administration”.

Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) rose to speak on a different topic, but he first commented that it appeared Alexander was accusing the administration of “Nixifying” the White House — adding that he hoped the term would enter into “the lexicon.” Alexander replied that he was “seeing some signs” in the Obama White House that he had seen “at the early stages of Nixon.”

Ernie Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is a spiritual-futurist, with a BA degree in history.


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