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Is the Republican Party disintegrating before our eyes. Is it their legitimate fear of financial ruin? Is it their insane hatred for their new President? Is it just cold calculated distraction tactics. Would they take this country to the brink of civil war because thay are bought and paid for by Insurance and Drug Companies? After I saw those people cheering in that video after the Olympic Decision; it all started to make sense to me.


 Some Paid Goons for some Oil Baron was caught on tape cheering the lost of Chicagos’ bid for the Olympics. Now we know the reason behind it. It was not because they were really against the Olympics coming to America. They could care less either way. Their only concern was making President Obama look bad. These Paid Goons are so despicable because of the reasons behind their treachery to this Nation and its People.

 They rile up the right wing nuts, they pad the pockets of the politicians that are suppose to represent us, The People. But they themselves; look at them on the video. Check out the Glee on their faces. Now, remember the faces of the people in Chicago and across this country. We all looked like we were kicked in the stomach. They have no passion for or against any particular issue. they are just following a game plan set by the people that hired them.

Their purpose is to distract the American people any way they can. They pick the most divisive issue that is popular with the right wing nut jobs at the time. They send their instructions to Fox and their paid puppets in the Government. They whip the nuts into a frenzy. Set their little feet a marchin. Then they sit back and laugh(with glee) at them while they do all the dirty work to make President Obama look bad at any cost.

Their goal is to destroy any chance of the American people getting a decent, fair, helthcare bill. That is their only bottom line. No high minded concern about the “Government Spendin Ma money”. No insane fear about killing Grandma. No Bible thumpin, Flag draped, fool acreaming about Socialism and Hitler. No insect that calls itself a doctor carrying a despicable sign of our President. No, the Goons only concern is the bottom line of whatever company that is paying them.

The people forming and promoting the Tea Parties are these same people. These Goons are traitors that have no allegiance to the people they are leading or to the Country they are in. This has been a nine month Ad Campaign to get rid of health care reform and increase corporate profits. They would destroy this country for the Oil Baron and the Insurance Companies they work for.


Anyway…back to the People following them. I started asking myself why Tea Parties? It is such an inappropriate term for people who are acutally trying to stop the “Government of the people” from doing what the majority of the people elected them to do. They want to keep this country under the thumb of the Insurance Companies

 I started to form some definite opinions when I saw the Million Nut March on Washington. Regardless of how they may have tried to hde behind some Patriotic Duty to stop our duly elected Government from spending the money necessary to keep us out of a depression; it was a outright Klan Rally. If it was just a few nuts on the fringes of the march carrying those hateful, racist, sick, twisted, evil signs; why didn’t the majority of the people there scream them down, pull those signs form their hands in outrage, and send them packing?


As if to answer that question once and for all…Here he comes! Joe wilson, the Confederate Flag waving “Gentlemen from South Carolina” insults the first Black President to ever stand before him in the House of Congress. Let me give you a little history lesson here…it has never happened before…not in the entire history of the United States Congress. The only incident thet even comes close was the Caning of Charles Summer. He was speaking out against slavery. One of his fellow “Gentlemen” in the Congress beat him down with a stick. And folks…he was a Repulican. He was from what use to be called the Grand Old Party.

I would really like to have a conversation about this. Especially with all the good, and decent Republicans that have been chased out of the Grand Old Party. What are you doing? What in the world are you thinking. Why would you turn over your Party to these people, and let them use it to obtain some type of legitimacy. They have no Morals. They have no Decency. They have no patriotism. They have nothing in them that represents what the Republican Party is…or was. Most of what is left in the Republican Party are people filled with simple greed and hate. And of course scared elderly people. As of today, only 20% of the American People would even admit they are Republican.

 But fear not! They have a plan. MORE TEA PARTIES!!!…Yeah Baby!!! Accept this time(according to Rachel Maddow From MSNBC) the Tea Parties are being held in parking lots. Not Giant Stadium parking lots. Little parking lots behind little buildings. But, they are going to have a Tea Party in a big park. In picnic area number 4. The Republican people need to show up at these places and be seen and heard. Let the other people in your Party and in the Country know this is not what your are about. This Country is run mostly by a two Party System. I think it is important. I think we need that balance. Your party is disintegrating like the Wicked Witch of the West. You need to save it.

I started writing political Comments during the Obama, Clinton, and McCain/Palen primaries. I found my true passion. I hope you feel where I’m coming from. I try to write from my heart. I try to be as straight forward with my writing as I can be. Read more of my work.

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