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Bottom line is that Fox News is in for a very rough 2008. And the umbrella reason for that is quite simple: Eight years ago the all-news cable channel went all-in on the presidency of George Bush and became a broadcast partner with the White House. Proof of that was on display Sunday night, January 27, during Fox News’ prime-time, “Fighting to the Finish,” an “historic documentary” on the final year of Bush’s presidency. Filmed in HD and featuring “unprecedented access,” according to the Fox News press release, the show was pure propaganda. (I must have missed Fox News’ “Fighting to the Finish” special back in 2000, chronicling the conclusion of President Bill Clinton’s second term and his “extraordinarily consequential tenure.”)

The point is that Fox News years ago made an obvious decision to appeal almost exclusively to Republican viewers. The good news then for Fox News was that it succeeded. The bad news now for Fox News is that it succeeded.

Meaning, when the GOP catches a cold, everybody at Fox News gets sick. As blogger Citizen for Democracy Fail put it, “they really thought Bush was going to win the country, so they moved all their energy over towards that type of audience…they’re stuck there now, and instead of changing directions they have only become more extreme.  This makes them absolutely hilarious to watch now and days.”

The most obvious signs of Fox News’ downturn have been the cable ratings for the big primary and caucus votes this year, as well as the high-profile debates. With this election season generating unprecedented voter and viewer interest, Fox News’ rating bumps to date have remained underwhelming, to say the least.

A good place to watch and read the hilarious broadscasts that Fox and other media outlets are taking part in today is to check out Democracy Fail.

Citizen is the lead blogger at Democracy Fail, and the purpose of the site is to point out why democracy will always fail when the marketplace of ideas gets screwed up by the media.  Of course, Fox News is included on the site plenty of times.

Citizen writes for the political blog site Democracy Fail. Democracy fail is a political based blog that designates its time to filtering out the boring political stories, and highlighting the ones of value. Whether it be for entertainment, shock value, absurdity, or any other category that generates a reaction. This is the blog where people should go to get their kicks out of the current political news.

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