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Back in 1960, four University of Michigan professors published a landmark study that, to the nation’s utter shock, found that Americans are nothing but lemmings when it comes to our most sacred Democratic rite, voting. Titled “The American Voter”, the study revealed that, by and large, Democrats and Republicans voted for their respective parties for no better reason than that was what their parents had done before them. Independents, the study claimed, were even less informed than their partisan neighbors. In fact, if anything, they were less interested and involved in politics than the donkeys or the elephants.

Over the ensuing 48 years, a lot has changed in our country. We’ve seen great leaders assassinated, fought a disastrous war in Vietnam, seen a president resign in disgrace, helped dismantle the Soviet Union, learned interesting uses for Altoids and invaded Iraq based on faulty intelligence. In short, we’ve been given every reason to start paying attention to the issues that face our country so that we can make an informed decision about who we elect to governmental office. What’s that old saying? Something about learning from the mistakes of the past so that we’re not doomed to repeat them in the present?

Well, consider us doomed. That’s the gist of Democracy Fail.  If funny political characters amuse you, or if you like to laugh or be frightened by the most current political events as they arise, then you might possibly LOVE to check out Democracy Fail sometime.

It’s not for children, and it’s not for those that are offended by simple statements or phrases.  Although, all are welcome-Democracy Fail never bites their tongue and always delivers a clear opinion, whether right or wrong.

Check it out during your morning coffee, your morning bathroom session, or even while you’re at work!

Citizen writes for the political blog site Democracy Fail. Democracy fail is a political based blog that designates its time to filtering out the boring political stories, and highlighting the ones of value. Whether it be for entertainment, shock value, absurdity, or any other category that generates a reaction. This is the blog where people should go to get their kicks out of the current political news.

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