All Hail Janet Napolitano Secretary Of Homeland Security

There are those who will say that it isn’t poor little Janet’s fault that she can’t find her ample ass with four sets of eyes and three pair of hands. She has the damnable itch that just won’t go away, the itch being those quirky jihadists that are seemingly immune to every powder, cream, and lotion the Obama administration wants to use in order to make everything soothingly calm.

Poor little Janet first told us that “the system worked,” and then the next day had to amend her remarks in the face of their incredible stupidity. But then she has been busy looking for terrorists recently discharged from the Army and Marine Corp, who according to her report, were highly susceptible to becoming right wing pawns (and terrorists).

Her boss, Commander Dithers, interrupted his golf game to say that he was on the job, and there will be more apologies coming in the new year. Dithers then had Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, (the BVD Bomber), indicted on charges of trying to destroy an aircraft, which means that the BVD Bomber will have the full array of rights accorded to every defendant in an American court, thus insuring years of legal work for Obama’s friends on the left, including the recently departed Chief White House Counsel.

Right this minute little Janet is at her desk pondering ways to harass the flying public, including searching old people in wheelchairs, while government bureaucrats ignore warnings as big as those ads flashing on the new Dallas Cowboys Super Screen. Eight years after 9/11 the gubmint agencies still don’t talk to each other, or coordinate anything of importance.

Commander Dithers is going to investigate, and get to the bottom of this, though he’s still having trouble actually saying the word terrorist.

Oh, and this is very important…this is just another isolated incident… just like the Ft. Hood shooter…who just happened to have the same imam in Yemen. And don’t forgot the five young men from northern Virginia,now under arrest in Pakistan, who just happened to communicate with the imam too.

Commander Dithers seems to be like the old country sod who had a hard time telling his two horses apart, except for the fact that one was black, and the other white.

The big incident is coming, much as I hate to say it. Our borders are a sieve, and it won’t be long before one of the jihadists walks in from Canada or Mexico, and blows up whatever he can. Maybe then Dithers will get it, but by then it will be to late for him.

And no matter what he says, the American people won’t buy that it’s George W. Bush’s fault. They’ve had about enough of that line about “inheriting the most serious problems ever faced by a new President.”

The lipstick is all used up. Your pig is your pig.

Unless you want dangerous criminal mooks to attack, rob, and maybe even kill you or your loved ones, buy pepper spray and a stun gun.

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