Are we witnessing the end of our political we knew it

I am a 72 year old male that has watched politics over a lifetime and never seen anything like what is happening now.  I have watched dirty politics from the time of Truman up until now and have never witnessed the vicousness and cold blooded character assassination of recent years. They have learned that the attention span of the American public is for about 15 to 30 minutes of the evening news programs.

People today are very busy with their lives when  it takes two salaries to support a family and give themselves a fair living.  The democrats today have learned to lie continually to our faces and hold to it even when proved wrong.  If you repeat a lie and keep telling people its true often enough they start to wonder. They do not argue about policys or programs but evade every effort to make them answer any direct questions.

They will talk around it and change the subject and ask any other question they can think of to divert us. The really big change has been when they go after the families friends and relatives with vicous smear campaigns  and try and destroy their reputations.   It is the heavy handed politics of Chicago style business as usual. It seems as if most of the communist and marxist leaning groups from that area are all around Obama in positions of influence. Chicago politics don’t work in Washington.

I have watched how the democratic party has changed from a party of liberal politicians with ideas and goals has given way to the inclusion of every left wing group and far left cause that can be imagined.  The vicousness towards any opposition from any quarter is being practiced by the Obama camp.  It has been shown by his threats towards Fox news to pull their license or treat them not as a news organization, but as an opponent.  Do you remember the Nixon enemies list?

The politics being practiced now are so far out of line with Americas past that we have to stop them from continuing. In 2003, 2005,2007, George Bush and many others  warned the American public about the looming crises in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack if steps were not taken and new regulation formulated.  Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, chuck Schumer and others in their circle of friends kept telling us that everything was fine and their was nothing to worry about.

We found out what their was to worry about. People like them are fixtures in Washington and they believe their seats are safe for themselves,because of the money that they can get from every special interest group and outspend any other candidates.  We are putting graft to our individual districts above the need to hold these people accountable for their actions. We are watching the destruction of our political system by those in power now.

The congressional and senatorial  ethics committees are out to lunch unless the democrats use it to make false charges against any republican they don’t like and want to stop from interfering.  Does anyone remember the Banking scandals and crooked deals from the house post office?  It always seems to be the democrats when they get caught. How about Charlie Wrangle forgetting about the IRS.  Chris Dodd with sweetheart deals on mortgage financing and construction for his home.

I am not saying the republicans are angels but the democrats have a pretty good track record to go on.  The democratic party has a lot of good people in it and many have left the democratic party because of the way they are being threatened by the leadership.

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