Cell phone ban

I may have missed the point of BAN Cell Phone when driving,page 6A in the Erie Times 12/17/09 (what you need to know)It states all what you can’t do & you can have a fine if you use a Cell Phone while driving,BUT It also states that the officer won’t pull you over for that REASON alone,so other wise if your talking on the PHONE & your driving OK no need to worry,But if you are talking & zig-zag a little bit your in trouble.I DO NOT use a phone while driving but do have one in case of need.There are those who abuse a good thing as turning RIGHT ON RED I my self use this then there are those who ABUSE it.I think maybe they should put a ban on this also.AS the rules on the phone use,all the work Ruby Jinkins Husband put into this I say THANK YOU,But I think you should take all the ones involved & take out the part YOU WON’T BE PULLED OVER FOR TALKING & DRIVING AT THE SAME TIME William Beers

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