Culture and Technology should be communicated between the USA and China

November 16, 2009, Barack Obama, the President of the United States, had a conversation with China youth in Shanghai, the most prosperous city in China. The attended people include youth at the conversation spot, youth on the Internet even the all the Chinese people. Meanwhile, the conversation between the President, from the most powerful country in today’s world, and youth, from the most powerful developing country, are also concerned by American people. Under the circumstances of global financial turmoil and many challenges the mankind have to face, a few signals about future and the prospect about the world may be revealed from this conversation. Though there are many differences between the two countries such as national patterns, social consciousness, especially economic recovery policy, the themes of Obama’s speech and conversation are culture and history, which can easily arouse common views.

China is an ancient Oriental country with long history while the USA is a young country, established 200 years ago. Obviously, there is culture gap, which leads to contempt, hostility, even conflict. After years of hardships experienced, the two countries with different cultures now expect to arouse common views on cultures. It is significant for the development of the world. But we also have the point that it is unrealistic that all the gaps disappear through Obama’s trip to China and the conversation with China youth. Based on the lessons of history, more equality, more homage and more cooperation are needed.

Culture is more important than technology from the history of the mankind, we can see. Culture is not equal to the technology, what’s more, culture is the basis of technology. The source of technology innovation also comes from the culture. The technology agreed with culture can benefit the mankind while the technology deviated the culture would bring catastrophe to the mankind. World War I and World War II are the most appropriate examples of such view and the lessons of history which we should avoid.

For China, many aspects such as modern technology innovation and application should be improved. For USA, though with advanced science and technology, they should absorb modestly the culture of ancient Oriental China. Only by this way, can China and the USA become more powerful and contribute to the whole world.

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