Finding Capitol Hill Jobs is Too Easy

How do you find congressional jobs? Simple. Contact your home representative’s DC office and ask for a meeting with the Chief of Staff. It doesn’t matter what party it is… well, it sort of does. Your only concern right now is meeting this person or the represenative if you’re lucky. The point is to make this person your main contact for the time being if you don’tknow anyone connected to Capitol Hill.

Call and email this person. Set upa time to meet with them to talk about potential job openings in that office or discuss your resume, goals and experience. If you can afford to do an internship, then ask the Chief of Staff if you can do it there or in another office they can put you in contact with (or in one you can feel more comfortable working in).

If you choose not to go the internship route, ask the Chief of Staff who you can talk to next in another office. You might try the two senators next. Ask to meet with their chiefs of staff. Ultimately you’llmeet with enough people you’llhave a small number of contacts you did not have before.

Keep in contactwith these contacts every month or two if you have zero luck finding any congressional jobs. They’lllet you know what they hear if you keep in touchwith them. It works out that way a lot of times. And sometimes if an opportunity opens up in that office, they may contact you if they liked you enough or need someone from the district or state you are from.

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