ARE YOU AS MAD AS I AM? One Trillion Dollars being requested from the taxpayers by President Bush stating that we have no choice. Let’s target every member of our government to be given their “Pink Slip”. They have no compassion on you when you get your “Pink Slip” so let’s do what all good Americans do…VOTE!

I respect Obama and McCain and I would like to send them on a fishing trip organized by Sarah Palin and hosted by Joe Biden. They are one big happy family because they all present the same face…bought by big business and they no longer represent the people.

Mismanagement of this magnitude requires a resignation or a pink slip. They continue to lie to us so how can we believe the numbers they are bandying about? Seven hundred billion? A trillion? That is more money than I can fathom. We are already eleven trillion in debt. That doesn’t include the looming obligation of Social Security. Add it all up and what do you have?

A Nation Off Course!!!

Let’s agree not to listen to any more of their lies. Pointing fingers and blaming each other. We need resignation letters right now. We need those letters or we are going to vote the men and women of government out of office. They spring this all on us so close to the election so that we don’t have choices. But we have choices. I am calling out the citizens of America to wake up and vote. If you have not yet registered, then register to vote and we can take our country back. I am calling on ordinary citizens to get organized and appoint one of the rank and file as the designated “write in candidate” for the Senate or House of Representative Seat that is available in your State or district. Every member of Congress needs to be fired.


If a majority of the votes cast have the write in candidate clearly indicated then we can upend this unspeakable mismanagement and put America on the right course.

They would have you believe that it is all so complicated so that the average American can’t understand it. The truth is that we must keep the language simple and the policies uncomplicated. We must return to basics where the American Economy is about producing something tangible. A product or service that the market wants.

The solution to the Financial Crisis is also simple. A recession comes from idle labor and capital. To recover from or avoid a recession we must get credit markets moving again and create jobs.

Tangible assets such as real estate can be leveraged no more than 70% unless they have solar…then they can be leveraged 80%. That provides an incentive to end our dependence on foreign oil. Freddie and Fannie need to be merged into a single entity that can be caused US Real Estate Trust.


This newly formed entity must be run alongside of the Federal Reserve System with a mandate that it work with Financial Institutions to fund loans on Real Estate…all Real Estate in America. Regardless of credit history the Financial Institutions of America can write loans up to 70% of the value of any Real Estate and up to 80% if the property has Solar Power. The Financial Institutions and the US Real Estate Investment Trust split the interest on the loans on a 50/50 basis to keep the money flowing and the Financial Institutions afloat.

Any appraisals that are made to inflate the value of the property are punishable by taking away the appraisers license and assessing a fine.


Electric Cars, motorcycles, hybrids, solar panels, windmills, hydro-electric and clean coal technology need to be developed now to end our dependence on foreign oil. Every watt that is renewable takes carbon out of the air that we all breathe. Investment into green energy will create a huge number of jobs…especially if we create incentives for small businesses.


Thanks to the lobbying of Big Business it is harder than ever to create a small business that can succeed. They are attempting to make it hard for the little people to have the American Dream because they fear the business with low overhead. They don’t want to compete with it. So they make it hard for you and me to start a business. That is why when millions of Americans are faced with losing their homes who is it that the Government chooses to bail out? They bail out Wall Street and let the average American foot the bill.


I watched as President Bush announced the bailout plan that we are forced to support. As I watched a standoff in Los Angeles on television between law enforcement attempting to serve an eviction notice to a homeowner that had lost his home due to foreclosure. He sat with his wife armed with guns and held off the police for eleven hours. I looked for the story in the Los Angeles Times and couldn’t find it the next day…it had been buried. I think the contrast was lost in the shuffle.


We owe eleven trillion dollars…most of it to foreign countries. Let’s print the currency and load it into 40’ containers and ship it to China, India, Saudi Arabia and other governments that hold our debt. Ship the cash to them. Imagine a 40’ container showing up at the Government Headquarters in Beijing. What would they do with it? Good question…since we restrict transporting over ten thousand dollars into the country and we make the movement of currency through the Patriot Act very difficult it would be hard to get those dollars back into America.

Many state that this would cause inflation. Isn’t inflation exactly what we need right now to get real estate stabilized? A round of inflation would take care of the problems that our financial system faces. And five trillion dollars hitting us a little at a time as I have demonstrated would help us with a modest round of inflation.

What it would do is establish the dollar as the Global Currency. Transactions that were done with briefcases of currency would be done in Dollars and it would immediately become the defacto currency.


Stocks, bonds, and derivatives can have fluctuating values and should only be leveraged to 50% at a maximum. Mortgages can never be insured and leveraged like they have been recently. Leverage is what created the Great Depression. Sensible banking will lead to a stable economy. High leverage works well through the meteoric rise but collapses quickly upon the fall…creating a card castle that leads to record bailouts.


We have to love ourselves to say never again. Lie to us once…shame on you…lie to us twice…shame on us…continue to lie to us without us rising and firing you…shame on America.


My name is Michael Douglas Carlin and I have had it with the game of politics. I spent eight years of my life with a habitual liar and I spent all of that time trying to figure out what was true and what was a lie.What a waste of time! When you hear a politician blame another you know that they are guilty too…so why not get them all out of office.

It is time that the ordinary citizens take back America. When we get caught up in who is to blame and we spend our time listening to their arguments we are being distracted from what is being done behind the curtain… that we can’t see. They distract us with their finger pointing and we miss the fact that they all need to go.I have a tremendous respect for the accomplishments of Senator John McCain and Barack Obama and they along with all of Congress need to begin their fishing trip and leave the governing to ordinary citizens.

There is this vetting process that bars the ordinary American from every running for office. I certainly won’t pass the blue blood test. I am an ordinary man that wants to see our Country be more than it is right now. I want to see us go back to the basics.

We have entered the Global Era and we need to rise to the new realities that we face. Business As Usual will no longer work in America.We come from all over the world. With Globalization who is better poised to take advantage of the opportunities but those that understand diverse cultures and speak multiple languages.

My platform is simple…back to the basics. The platform is outlined in my book “A Prescription For Peace.” They want us to be confused…they want to make it complicated and they want to manipulate us into buying into an agenda that is good for big business and bad for ordinary Americans.

I am not anti-big business. I am for allowing the Free Market to work with oversight. Granting special considerations to any company that makes them less competitive isn’t good for the long term health of America.

Now with our Financial Crisis, our National Debt, our outdated Health Care System we need to peel away the layers that are non-productive and focus all of our energies on those that can produce real goods and services that meet the needs of the Global Market. If I am elected President I will give America that simplicity that gets us on track to be competitive in the Global Marketplace.

A Competitive America will allow every man woman and child in America to have three square meals a day, a roof over their heads, access to quality health care, personal security, an education and a job.

Having capital and labor idle is never good. So let us all usher in the greatest era in the history of the world. Let us usher in the greatest economy that has ever existed along with the most prosperity for all humanity.

Michael Douglas Carlin is the author of “A Prescription For Peace” (available at He is credited with the quote: “Our work will not be done until every man, woman and child alive has three square meals a day, a roof over their heads, access to quality health care, personal security, an education, and a job.”

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