Health care reform or government take over?

Do we really want the near bankrupt government to be more involved with such pressing social issues as health care? Isn’t that a step backwards towards socialism? For example, in Canada(not that it is socialist) with their health care one could be on a waiting list for a few months to have a simple but important procedure done. All the while if you have four legs a tail and fur all over your body you can get it done in as few as 2 days.

Will health care reform really lower costs for all or will it just raise the cost for the die hard worker who pays for private insurance in order to compensate for the lower government benefits? Theoretically taking the drive of improving ones life from the minority and/or impoverished needy.

All this and not to mention if the bill is passed then each American would be required by law to be insured. So if you are not insured you could face a fine and/or imprisonment.

Also, what good does insurance do for the person who wishes to utilize homeopathic or natural treatments if the insurance company does not cover it? I believe the only way the government can have a positive influence on society is to invest in the charities and/or not for profits which support and build up the family structure. I believe the affect will trickle up as I believe that if one person changes themselves, then they change the world. We must each take care of our own three square foot corner of the universe.

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