Hugo Chavez & Barack Obama

I never thought I’d see the day Hugo Chavez would become the dictator of Venezuela. I was in Maracay, Venezuela in 1991-92 when Chavez led a revolution and was jailed. Today he’s one of the most popular DICTATORS in South America. Everyone who has disagreed with him has been run out of town or shut down. There is NO FREE PRESS in Venezuela. And, Barack Obama & Company want it that way here in America!  

How brazen to have it told that the Obama machine (aka Chicago style politics) “controlled the press”. Anita Dunn, a senior White House aide, has boasted of how Barack Obama’s presidential campaign managed to “absolutely control” the press during the 2008. It seems like everyone knew that except the press!

But that was back then, this is now and Obama doesn’t like Fox News!

Two-and-a-half years into the Nixon presidency, White House Special Counsel Chuck Colson compiled a twenty person “enemies list”. The Colson list included then-CBS reporter Daniel Schorr and the late columnist Mary McGrory. It looks like the Obama administration is off to a head start. Not even having completed a year in office, President Obama’s most senior aides have a bead drawn on Fox News. Unlike the Nixon enemies list which was secret, the Obama enemies list is hidden in plain sight.

Talk about brazen and arrogant!

On Sunday, White House Chief of Staff and Chicagoan Rahm Emanuel announced that Fox News was “not a news organization so much as it has a perspective.” At the same time, Senior White House aide and Chicagoan David Axelrod went on ABC’s “This Week” and beseeched George Stephanopoulos and his fellow journalists to shun Fox. Axelrod said, that Fox was “not really a news station . . . .” Axelrod added “other news organizations, like yours, ought not to treat them that way, and we’re not going to treat them that way.”

We have a serious political mentality going on here folks.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Tuesday pointed to two top-rated opinion shows on Fox News as the reason why the Obama administration has castigated the network as an illegitimate news organization. Gibbs weighed in on the controversy after several top White House advisers have gone on other channels to criticize Fox News’ coverage of the administration, dismiss the network as the mouthpiece of the Republican Party and urge other news organizations not to treat Fox News as a legitimate news station.

The White House also appeared to stand by its effort to urge other networks to isolate and alienate the channel. Gibbs said Tuesday that it’s up to the White House Correspondents Association to decide whether Fox News should continue to be part of the White House pool which covers President Obama.

“I’m not going to delineate for the White House Correspondents Association how the pool is conducted. That’s not my job,” he said.

Yes, and we can read between the lines as well as what’s not being said here and what is going on is DANGEROUS for America. If we start down this road, how are we any different, ultimately, than Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. So, think it not strange that Chavez loves the Obama SOCIALIST ideas. Birds of a feather you know!

As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.

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