Links Between Terrorism and Drug Trafficking

The links between terrorism and drug trafficking are real and are growing, according to officials and former officials who participated in the special symposium at the headquarters of the Drug Enforcement Agency of America (DEA). Highlight several interventions invited to this synopsis.

A good approach that can be done; about the gains from drug trafficking that are funneled to terrorist organizations, like the Taliban regime, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Islamic Jihad.

Since the 1950s, shortly after the war in Korea, it began to spread the communism in Latin America, from Cuba spreading to other countries in the region, with Colombia assisting this scourge.

Born in 1952 the FARC (Armed Revolutionary Communist League) and in 1960 the ELN (National Liberation Army), later the EPL (Popular Liberation Army), the M-19 (Movement 19th. April) and the AUC (United Self-Defense of Colombia) where the opposition to the government in order to achieve their goal: Attaining power through force of arms and strong violence.

In the eighties, the drug appears as a new and serious ingredient for the war in Colombia, (Planting, processing and marketing of cocaine and heroin) initially led by the “drug cartels” at first unrelated with the subversive groups. After 1995 it will become a part of the business of the subversive groups who found this as the largest source of revenue for financing and trade weapons, ammunition and explosives

To control and look at terrorism, there are many other areas of interest like seeking funding for narcotics to hunt terrorists.

In areas where government control is weak, the criminal world, the drug traffickers and the terrorists are all there.

The links between terrorists and drug traffickers are merged into the local ethnic communities in order to conceal their activities. Both operate from countries where the government base and law enforcement are weak, and both need to launder money. Equally they seek to create a climate of fear and intimidation and both look to the young people, especially for recruitment. Also both seek a world unable to coexist with democratic values.

Members of the Taliban are a group of drug traffickers, is a fact that cannot be clearer. To gain the control on the heroin trade in Afghanistan, where achieved power in 1995, in 1999 they control 71% of the global heroin market.

The announcement of the Taliban in 1999, about their decision not allow more heroin production in Afghanistan, had forgot the assumption – Terrorism does not operate without money. That is the decisive factor.

The illicit drug leader Pablo Escobar was also a terrorist. When using illegal drug profits, this terrorist and drug dealer paid for the killing of 500 policemen in Medellin, Colombia. He also paid for the murder of four Colombian presidential candidates, along with a senior counter narcotics official and Minister of Justice of Colombia. Moreover, his tormentors were responsible for the explosion of a car bombing in Bogota that killed 157 people.

Escobar turned it into a “narcotic-terrorist” because narcotics activities of the terrorist group FARC in Colombia and the paramilitary of the “self-defense forces” in that country. Source:

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