Network of leaders against women’s violence

The new unveiled network of leaders against women’s violence by the General Secretary of the UN, Mr.  Ban Ki Moon is something to be welcomed.

Nevertheless, before we can be plunged into any sort of excitement about   the so called network, we would like to wait and see where it priorities reside; and then judge it according to its actions rather than publicity.


Talking about the violence committed against women, the east of the DR Congo my nation has experienced some of the most atrocious situation in the world since the end of the Second World War. The report coming out of the east of Congo confirm 7 million deaths since the beginning of the Congo’s first war in 1996, more than 200 000 women raped each year and so much more horrific  news coming out that corner of the world which was once renowned as the mountain’s gorillas homeland .

The incompetency of the government of Kinshasa to address this problem (their troops are so often accused by human right bodies to be the most culprits when it comes to raping the women of Kivu) and the unwillingness of the government of Kigali to see a peaceful and prosperous neighbour, contribute more to this disaster which the world is witnessing today in the Congolese history.

However, to put salt to wound, we the people of Congo have noticed that all this barbarism happen under the close and watchful eyes of the great democracies and super western powers legally represented in the Congo by their so- called “peacekeepers” who are contributing to the looting of the Congolese riches which as been the case of Indians troops via their  commander in chief Colonel Chand Saroha who encouraged war lords to comit crimes by offering them weapons while smugling Congolese gold out of the country.

Our aim

Our aim is to see this so – called network of leaders, tackling and uprooting this barbaric behaviour which has infiltrated the Congolese society and has find a safe haven so often  encouraged by the irresponsible government of Kinshasa and different militias operating in the east of Congo; only then our long suffering women would recover their  lost dignity.

Guillaume K.CISUAKA is a Congolese consciousness activist and President of the Congolese People’s Forum which is a non profit organization. This group deal with matters such as African Rennaissance among African people and consciousness debate among Congolese people living abroad.He lives in South Africa and can be contacted through

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