Obama Looking for ‘Off-Ramps’ Out of Afghanistan

What he wants, “what the bottom end of the war in a meeting with his lawyer present chairman is likely to be a” drill.

One aide said that Obama “to see more intellectual energy,” which focuses on how it wants to finish the job, saying that the President has urged that “we are not in Afghanistan for 8 years “.

Obama said that a clear picture of a bridge, “U.S.” wants to be out of Afghanistan. Were not. He so heard where she was not satisfied. The President today will press for answers.

Anger in the latest report on Monday, CBS), said army sources pushed him think) that almost all soldiers must send the President had settled on the option, has requested assistance for Afghanistan, General McChrystal and Obama says that a He did not even want to do – and that to discuss your options as he traveled throughout Asia in the next 8 days is expected to be released.

All four options that the President should consider the end of the war, a lawyer from today to send troops over the next year – the minimum 10-20000 plan recommended by the Army about $ 40,000 General McChrystal for a maximum option. But the official says, “the main issue is not how many troops we send. But how ready are Afghan forces.” Can do and how fast they can develop.

Administration officials are discussing how the president to make a final decision in the country. Truth is likely that either just before or after a holiday thanks

One close aide explained that Obama “wants to see more intellectual energy” focused on how this mission ends, saying that the President has insisted that “we’re not going to be in Afghanistan for another 8 years.”

Another said that Obama wants a clear picture of the “American bridge” out of Afghanistan. He doesn’t have it yet. He’s not satisfied with what he’s heard so far. The President will press for answers today.

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