Obama refuse to kiss the French First Lady, why?

I read a funny anecdote by accident : the British press has gone in a frenzy over an existential question : what happened to Barack et Carla? In fact, the British newspapers are wondering why the American president and the French First Lady did not kiss each other when they met for the first time.  France is a romantic country, the two person should kiss each other  according to the French tradition, but why they didn’t? What happened? 

And this is all the more surprising as at the same moment, Nicolas did not hesitate to kiss Michelle on her two cheeks. Some American tabloids have spoken about the anecdote tonight, and are going a little further, as New York Daily News, qui va jusqu’à poser la question qui tue : “Did Obama dodge a friendly kiss from French First Lady Carla Bruni ?” 

Forget NATO, world peace or the global recession – it’s a kiss, or the lack of one, that is the talk of Europe. The international incident unfolded Friday morning when Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, met French President Nicholas Sarkozy and his supermodel wife, Carla Bruni, in Strasbourg, France. 

All seemed to be going swimmingly, in a French kind of way. Michelle and Carla shared a warm embrace and a European-style peck on each cheek. President Obama and the prime minister shook hands heartily and even two-stepped through a kind of French man-hug. Sarkozy then planted a double-kiss on Michelle.But when Bruni finally leaned in to kiss President Obama, something happened. Maybe he balked. Maybe she pulled back. Whatever. 

There was no kiss, sending the British press in particular into a spasm of forensic investigation that included a frame-by-frame analysis of the Kiss That Wasn’t. “It is usual in France to greet one another with a kiss,” noted London’s Daily Mail. “But the best Mr. Obama could get out of a suddenly flustered Carla Bruni was a handshake.” 

So, who stepped back ? To refuse a kiss from the French first lady is simply shocking ! 

I am all the more intrigued as the French news magazine l’Express has just revealed that Obama kissed a French student only a few minutes after, encouraged to do so by Sarkozy himself, who apparently did not resent the American president for refusing his wife’s kiss ! 

How do I know if I am a good kisser

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