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Sworn into office with an inspiring inaugural speech, the United States of America welcomes its 44th president, President Barack H. Obama.  Married to First Lady Michelle Obama and a father to two daughters, Obama has made a great impact on American history as being the first African-American president to be seated in office.  Set into uniting the people in times of economical and political crises as well as threats to national security, Obama has made it clear that despite all of these problems he wishes for everyone to stand strong and united in order to face each challenge with pride, courage, and dignity as a people.  He announced this in his New Year’s message to the people, which was recorded last December 22, 2009 before leaving Washington, D.C.

Obama’s life before entering the scene as president was full of commitment and service to the people.  Born with a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas, Obama was born on August 4, 1961 under the wings of his grandparents.  His grandfather was a member of Patton’s army while his grandmother worked her way up to a middle management position at a bank.  He was born into a middle class family, worked his way through college with the help of student loans and scholarships, and was able to serve his community after graduation and moving into Chicago.  He was known for helping in the rebuilding of communities after the closure of local steel plants and leading a voter’s registration drive.

The latter was successful due to his knowledge and experience in law school.  Obama became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review and, with his experiences, was able to help educate the people in Chicago about voter’s rights, constitutional law at the University of Chicago, and the like.  He was an inspiration to many people, which is also why he was able to win a slot in the US Senate.  He believed that it was vital that the American people remain united under a noble purpose and was determined to continue serving the country by pushing for reforms, cutting taxes, and providing health care for more American families.  Though many still doubt his ability of actually making a difference in the country, only time will tell what the outcome of the Obama administration will bring about.

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