President Obama’s Green Initiative

Most of the world spends their days focusing on the automotive industry to answer all of their questions about green alternatives, cleaner fuels, renewable resources, and a better future for all inhabitants. As a collective whole, the country has really begun to make use of their old and ailing furniture and cabinetry during remodels and rebuilds, and all of this adds up more than we can possibly fathom. The things that we aren’t yet seeing as part of the Green Initiative are developing quickly behind the scenes, creating jobs in the otherwise barren market, and coming closer each day to widespread implication by consumers.

President Obama has set forth multiple bills which are designed to move the country, and thus the world, toward a completely different future in the way that we create, pay for, and utilize the energy resources that we need. Solar power is one of the key factors moving forward in this crusade, offering backup resources and a fine-tuned safety net for the research and design of our future power plants and advanced technologies. There are statewide and individual incentive programs for the funding and usage of solar power by residential consumers and industrial facilities.

There are many great incentives offered by the government to those who choose to utilize greener, renewable, and natural resources this year. Just 10 short years ago, solar power was used by less than 3% of the world for both residential and commercial applications, and today this number is above 13%, climbing rapidly. Not only this, but solar power is the cleanest form of renewable energy, creating no carbon emissions throughout the harnessing, storage, or usage processes. This has given the green light to many of the most prominent energy companies in the world to forge forward with research and development of this clean power. This can be used for residential applications, such as in solar lights, as well as commercial applications such wind farms.

One of the most important aspects of the new green initiative in America is that an estimated 4 million jobs will be created for the blue and white collar workers here, and none of these will be able to leave the country. This means that there can be no outsourcing or shipment of duties overseas. This kind of promise and hope only comes along every so often, and the green initiative will make it possible once again for American workers, corporations, and families to rest easier, safer, and cleaner for the long future ahead.

Jonathan Gal is a solar lighting expert and owner of YCA Solar Lights, an organization dedicated to promoting clean, energy efficient solar lighting technology. To find out more about how solar technology is changing the way we live, especially with respect to lighting, you are invited to visit Jonathan’s Solar Lighting site.

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