Reform of the People


The American great health care debate seems to be coming to the senate floor. This seems to be the make or break point for the democrats and the ultimate battleground for republicans. The one thing that both sides want to agree on is that something needs to change. How it is supposed to change, is the debate.

Though there is a difference about the way this is being brought about. When ever American used to want reform it came from the people. Citizens used their right to assemble and protested in ways to advance their cause. It was only after the country got behind it did reform happen. The government would create laws that would be a reaction.

For example, labor laws. In the days of the industrial revolution people worked in horrible conditions. Fingers and limbs would be cut off and the factory would not even flinch production. Beatings would occur. This was the accepted working condition, where children would work over time jobs just to support the family. Then, some labor leaders called for reform. They stirred up the people and fought against the corruption. Another example is even more recent, civil rights. In the sixties there were massive demonstrations to change the status quo. Suffrage rights groups took to the streets, so that women could vote.

Reform should come from the population. The act of governing is not the act of solving problems. Politicians’ profession is getting laws passed, so the people are represented equally and logically. Why would they know the best possible solution to a health care system decades old? The same thing was done with No Child Left Behind. Only when that passed, it was package in a way to make people believe it was going to be better. The education community was talking about reform for many years, and yet it was the politicians who swooped in and took the fame never really knowing the real problems with the system. No one talks about the Left Behind children who under No Child Left Behind can get their funding cut because they may not do so hot on test.

The point is that America has become apathetic. Many like to say they are political because they watch CNN and talk at the television, but there used to be a time when at least some people did something about it. Let us not just voice our opinion just through skewed polls and journalist who feel themselves as ‘of the people.’ Let use organize and have a passion. The people of Iran did using twitter and other internet resources. This is a new age of America and we need to start thinking is a new way. What happened to the America that had the revolution spirit? What happened to the ‘nothing gets in out way’ attitude? Has the rest of the world just become more involved that America? I don’t think so, but out boisterous spirit has been limping lately.

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