Religious Freedom at Stake

Nothing should scare this nation more than the fact that their religious freedom is at stake. Think it doesn’t matter; well religion whether you like it or not provides the only basis for human rights. Religion is the only reason for tolerance in this society.

Most people have it backwards; in most religions especially Christianity there is no tolerance for Sin, but plenty of mercy and tolerance for the sinner. Early reformers of this nation had a hard time separating the two which caused most of the backlash we have today. Early reformers also erred in trying to take a Republic of the United States and treat it as a theocracy. the error was this; church leaders have a responsibility to treat the church body like a theocracy since the chirch body makes up the body of Christ at least in Christian circles.

What happened was the opposite; church leaders became lax serving the dollar rather than God and becoming men pleasers instead of God pleasers. Politicians on the other hand created harsh laws in an attempt to repress sin and in so doing repressed sinners.

By introducing church law into human law lawmakers brought church issues into th epolitical realm. The result was many laws were created to protect sin. By contrast corrupt church leaders of all faiths have used laws to protect religion and the church as a shroud of secrecy and wickedness to defraud people, abuse and molest people, and in some cases kill people. This was the greater wickedness becasue by so doing it demanded that the human law must intercede into church law and again protections were lost for the church and gained for sin.

But, today we are at a grave crossroads where we must not only protect what we have but work dilignetly to regain what we have lost. The reform must start in our own home; then in our church; and then flow into our community and then our state and then our Country.

God please bless the U.S.A. once again with leaders that believe and trust in you.


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